Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Give 'til it hurts

Saturday morning I heard on the radio that Cuba and Sri Lanka were sending money for hurricane relief. And I was just looking at the Day in Pictures at SFGate and saw people in South Korea putting money in a donation box for the hurricane victims. That is the stuff that gets to me. That even though we're known to be a rich country, people in poorer countries are reaching into their pockets and giving to help. And there are people in this country who have more money and refuse to give, for whatever lame-ass reason. If everybody in this country gave $1, according to 2003 Census information, we'd have $290,809,777 (includes Puerto Rico). And I'm not saying that you have to give $100 or $1,000, just give what you can and if it's only $10, it's still something and you're doing your part.

I donated last week and feel like I should donate again because I feel like a slacker. One of my bosses called me yesterday to say she wasn't going to be in to work. She had spent her entire long weekend at the Red Cross participating in Disaster Relief Training and she had one more day in the training and she expects to be deployed to the South by Friday. I am just overwhelmed by the goodness in this woman. She buys extra vacation days every year and usually spends two weeks in a small poor village in Guatemala doing whatever needs to be done. This year she didn't go to Guatemala though and she's now going to use up that vacation time here in this country helping where she can. We need more people like her in this world.

And I don't know how much I'll be able to update until Friday as I have this massive finance project that needs to be done by tomorrow. *sigh*


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