Monday, August 22, 2005

Lots more Tigers!

Happy Monday, All! I'm feeling much better than I did on Friday, that's for darn sure. I left work at 8:30 and went straight to bed. Of course, being my birthday, my phone was ringing off the freaking hook. I just wanna sleep!!! I slept for about three hours and got some more cleaning done, including vacuuming which I hate with a passion. The cats aren't overly fond of it either. After lugging boxes around the apt. and vacuuming I took a shower and then crawled right back into bed. I am telling you, NO ENERGY, and generally feeling not that fabulous. HRH called around 4:00 p.m. to say she was on the bridge and should be through in ten minutes (never ever ever guestimate how long crossing the border will take you). An hour later she showed up (I'm a 20 minute drive from the bridge on a bad day) and since she had heard that there was a bar downtown called Hockeytown she wanted to check it out. BTW, if you ever go there and decide you want a Labatt Blue, make sure you're prepared for The Big Blue which is 25.3 fluid ounces (or something very similar to that number – yes, the equivalent of 3 beers). Thank God I was not driving.

The Tigers had a great run over the weekend. They won Friday night when I was at the game along with what was supposed to have been 31 other friends and family members. Three people did not show up, but my sister made it. All three people had called, so they're not in trouble. ;-) Saturday I veged out completely (i.e., sobered up) until it was time to go to dinner with Mom for my b-day. I got to pick, so we all know what I chose. Yup, the Traffic Jam & Snug. We shared the large size of the black bean & cheese nachos and they were yummy. For dessert, I got Carlotta Chocolatta Ice Cream Cheesecake. It's so good, but soooo RICH! That was literally my excitement for Saturday…other than suffering through Mom's driving. Dear God, remind me never to let my mother drive again. I thought it would be good for her because we've gone downtown a number of times, but she always avers that she doesn't know where she's going because either YS or I do the driving, so I figured I'd let her do the driving and that way she would have to pay attention. Yeah, I was wrong. First off, there's no such thing as paying attention to the road when there are cool clouds to check out. And then my mom seems to have issues with the gas pedal. Not a big fan of "putting the hammer down" my mother. No, she thought that getting on I-94 doing 45-50mph was sufficient. ARGH!!! I wanted to repeat my inimitable drivers ed instructor from oh so many years ago, "Put your foot to the floor or I'll do it for you." Yeah, he was a charmer, or something. I managed not to hyperventilate and eventually Mom got the speedometer up to 60 mph so I didn't feel like the semi was going to run over the top of us. NEVER AGAIN!

Sunday was one of those super busy days where you just want to collapse at the end of the day. Usual Mass at 9:30, but sans MCJ, organist/choir director extraordinaire, and that's always a good thing. It was the 3rd Sunday too so she would have given the homily (I'm sure I'll have to suffer through it next week though). As it was our usual-75-minute-Mass was over and done with in less than an hour, which was a good thing since I had to be at Glen's by 11:30. I had time to hang around, chit chat and still get to the house early. Glen had gotten majorly fabulous tickets to the Tigers game and he wanted to get there early to watch warm-up. Well, we got down there on time, but one of our party didn't know that I-96 was completely closed off heading into downtown, so he was WAY late. We missed the warm-up and the free Troy Percival Bobblehead doll giveaway. Glen figures he'll never pitch for us again, so it's not a huge deal. However, if it had been a Brandon Inge Bobblehead Doll Giveaway, you could bet good money that I would have gone in and gotten one. He would make a very nice addition to my collection of Detroit Famous People Bobbleheads. It's a very eclectic collection consisting of My Igor (Larionov), of course, and Neeme Jarvi, Director Emeritus of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

The Tigers won Saturday night in the 13th inning which I did not watch, but I definitely watched yesterday's game. We had BRILLIANT seats right behind the Visitors' Dugout way to the left side of the dugout, i.e., home plate was RIGHT THERE! And we got to see a show starting right in the first inning. Sean Douglass was the starting pitcher and got the Blue Jays out 1-2-3. The Tiges got up to bat and somehow managed to get seven runs in the first inning! The second inning had the Blue Jays going down 1-2-3 again, whereas the Tigers got two more runs. By the time it was all over the score was 17-6. It was completely insane. I felt sorry for the Blue Jays' starting pitcher, Dustin McGowan. And for the record, Russ Adams, the Blue Jays' shortstop is officially a nice guy. When a ball went foul toward the dugout while Mr. Adams was in the batting circle, he picked up the ball and threw it directly to a little kid who was totally on the ball and saw where the ball went and was right there. And then when he was in the field, Glen saw some garbage blowing through the diamond and Mr. Adams the Good picked it up and put it in his pocket. So, for the record, Russ Adams is my favorite Toronto Blue Jays player.

And to the Fat Ugly Old Guy – let the kids have the baseballs. He actually used his mitt to get a ball thrown to a kid and then KEPT IT! I just have to believe that karma will bite him in his fat ass one day. The kid had been patiently waiting before the game and then after the game and finally when one is thrown to him, FUOG used his mitt to get the ball and then he kept trying to get a player to sign it. Glen thinks the guy is a professional autograph hound who is probably going to sell the ball. Jerkface. Twit. Jackass. Loser.

And on that upbeat note, I'm going to sign off for today. TTFN!


At Tuesday, 23 August, 2005, Blogger TrueJerseyGirl said...

Ooh, I am now dying to go to the Hockeytown Cafe!!! It looks awesome! And I can definitely handle the Big Blue.

At Tuesday, 23 August, 2005, Anonymous Suzy said...

I'm glad the Tigers won on your birthday! It's only right!

Russ Adams is a nice guy. I saw him at Spring Training in Florida, talking to fans and being really sweet. I think my favorite is Gregg Zaun, though - he's such a little spitfire.


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