Thursday, September 08, 2005

Being an Adult! Or Whatever....

I didn't get to the ABC/English Beat concert last night. My friend who had kindly agreed to humor me ended up unable to go. He was so sweet, he even said, "If you really really want to go, I'll go but…." I told him, Of course, it's fine. I'll live. For heaven's sake, I'm 41 years old, if my life is going to end because I didn't get to an 80s band concert then I have some serious re-thinking to do about what is important in life. If I really really really wanted to go there was nothing stopping me from going by myself, except for societal pressures/theories about why a person would be at a rock concert alone. And I'd bet that if I had gone I probably would have run into someone I knew. Instead I watched the 1960s Ocean's Eleven with the Rat Pack which I enjoyed more than I thought I would. And I think it was entirely due to the surprise ending. I had figured it out before the characters on the screen and just laughed. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it. I didn't love it, but it was worth the slightly over 2 hours I invested in it.

I'm close to finishing the baby blanket that I'm knitting for cousin's baby. I would be further along but over the weekend I noticed a dropped stitch. Why do you never notice the dropped stitch until you're 20 rows past it? ARGH! I took out the 20 or so rows and then spent God knows how much time getting the bloody thing back on the friggin' needles (this is the part I hate the worst).

I'm "happying" with Martha this afternoon – it is Thursday. It's so nice to get back into a familiar routine after 8 solid months of doing whatever. And no, I was bad. I did not go to the gym yesterday either. And tonight is drinking night so no go there too. I think I'll be ready to face the Libertarian next week without wanting to rip his face off, so I'll return to my exercising and losing no weight ways next week. That'll give me a week and a half before Vegas. I'd like to stress all out and think, "Oh, if I start going today then I'll have almost two solid weeks of exercising in and I'll lose that ten pounds." Yeah, the ten pounds I've been trying to lose since February. So, why mess with success?

Tomorrow I’m getting my hair cut! Woohoo!! It's not to the "Omigod, I hate my hair and want it cut NOW" point, but I will be by next week and when someone offers to cut your hair for $10 you do it on her schedule. I'm trying to decide if I want to color the grey or just let it go. Although if I do color it I want to go a bit more red, jazz it up a bit instead of just using my exact red color to hide the grey. I'm going to Vegas, BabE! I should Vegas-Up as much as possible, no?


At Thursday, 08 September, 2005, Blogger Jason said...

Sorry you didn't get to make it to ABC. That would have been a great show. I'm sure whichever way you choose to go with your hair will be fine.

At Thursday, 08 September, 2005, Blogger Erica said...

Go Vegas, baby. And hey - on the Libertarian at the gym: don't let him stand between you and your goals. Just sayin! I'm queen of rationalizing any non-exercise activity in place of regularly scheduled exercise activity. But if you don't go just cause he's there - then he wins!

At Friday, 09 September, 2005, Anonymous Clarity said...

Just a quick note to say that in all are the most caring, giving, wonderful, empathetic, kind, strong and beautiful person I have ever met online. You're so amazing that sometimes it brings tears to my eyes.

This may seem random..but I just wanted you to know that.


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