Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Memeing away!

I found this interesting musical "meme" at Warcrygirl's blog. The premise is to pick a band and answer the following questions using song titles. I know this will be a complete shock, but I shall be using my all-time favorite band, Joy Division.

Are you male or female: She's Lost Control

Describe yourself: Dead Souls

How do some people feel about you: Disorder

How do you feel about yourself: Insight

Describe your current significant other: No Love Lost

Describe where you want to be: Wilderness

Describe what you want to be: Heart and Soul

Describe how you live: Isolation

Describe how you love: Eternal

Share a few words of wisdom: Love Will Tear Us Apart

I didn't think that Joy Division's song lend itself well to this, but it did. I'm pretty pleased with the results.

I tried to do another one using the songs of Tori Amos, but that totally didn't work.


At Thursday, 11 August, 2005, Blogger Heather said...

I love that quiz! Someone passed that around at work a while back and we had to it there, which was harder, since we didn't have any song lists to go by.

Awww...A Red Wings fan? I bet you're happy Stevie Y signed, huh? Did you like Fedorov? I loved him...hated the Wings but loved Fedorov! :)


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