Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Rants, Weekends and Mothers

Okay, first off, my rant from the weekend. If you decide to buy and then drive a Red Corvette, please do not fucking drive 10 mph under the friggin' speed limit. Dumbass blonde bitch. You're in a goddamn sports car, do not drive it like a little old man in a hat in a Buick, okay? And what is up with people who feel the need to drive 5 mph under the speed limit during the No Passing Zones, but the second I have the right to pass they suddenly find their stupid gas pedal and they're doing 5mph over it!?!? I want to smack all of those people. FUCKERS!

Thanks for listening, my rant is basically over for now…at least until the next time (today) I take Hines Drive and get stuck behind some jackass who does not understand the joy of cruise/speed control.

I had a very good weekend. I know I was dreading parts of it, but it all turned out quite well.

Friday I got my workout in, got to the post office before it closed (who knew it was open until 6:00 p.m.?), bought the stuff I needed at the grocery store and flirted with a cute boy in the check-out lane (in town for a wedding). I managed to stay home that evening which was a goal of mine for the weekend. I did not get to bed by 9:00 as I had planned because I found Apollo 13 on the TV and it was on until 10:00. I've seen it before a few times, but when I have a chance to swoon over Gary Sinise, I'll take that opportunity. *huge deep sigh* ;-) One of the guys at the BBQ on Saturday just looked at me weirdly and said, "Gary Sinise isn't usually the type that people "have things for." Perhaps not, but there's something about him.

Saturday's meeting at the seminary was not what I had expected. Since it was being held at the seminary I thought that there would be archdiocesan types involved and there weren't. I'm very glad I went though because we made what were essentially MAJOR decisions regarding the merger. We also found out that the Archdiocese is giving money to help the microphone problems that are a huge issue at Precious Blood. I don’t think it's a microphone issue, but an acoustic issue, but perhaps they can do the trick. We decided on a name for the to-be-newly-merged parish, as well as some other things which I totally can't remember. The vote for Mass time was 16-14 in favor of 10:00 over 9:30. I said that a two vote difference should not be considered a mandate, but apparently we'll come to terms with that at some point. I hope we come to terms with it by having Mass at 9:30.

I got totally lost going to the seminary and there is nothing that makes me crankier than being lost and late. I hate being LOST! I had looked up directions in mapquest but the directions they gave took me on freeways that I knew were closed. I should have printed them out just for the fun of it though because my chosen way of going so did not work. I'm just glad that I was mistaken about that starting time (I thought it started at 9:00, but it was actually 9:30), so I wasn't late like I thought. We also chose a date for the Closing Mass and the date for the Opening of the new parish. They chose my dates and reasoning for that so I was pretty happy – now to win on the 9:30 mass time. ;-)

We got through everything more quickly than originally figured so I got to go to the art store and the farm market and have time to sit and do whatever for a couple of hours before the BBQ.

I went to the BBQ about a half an hour later than the listed start time thinking that would be late enough to avoid having to play in the "mandatory" softball game. I was wrong. The guest of honor hadn't even arrived yet when I got there. The smart girls had worn sandals and skirts so they got out of playing. DAMN! I hate softball, not because it's not fun, but because I suck! My first at-bat I struck out and responded with a strongly felt, "FUCK!" One of the smart girls was taking pics and she said, "Oops, got that." WHAT??? Turns out she didn't, but it scared me for a second. My second at-bat I got a single (grounder), which I thought was an automatic out because we didn't have enough people to cover the right side of the field, but I think they were feeling sorry for me because I am so pathetically unathletic, that they said I got the base. I even scored. Woohoo! Third at-bat was another strikeout. I finally asked Ryan who was catcher if I was even close to the friggin' ball. He was sweet and lied and said Yes. ;-) My fourth at-bat was another single. Woohoo! I'm retiring while batting .500.

We will not even discuss the incredible lack of fielding abilities, even if I had been playing with Al Kaline's 1968 glove. Yes, really and truly. I do have great friends, though, who were unbelievably encouraging (thanks B and K for yelling encouragement from the field – they were on the other team). And thanks to John C for telling me that I can throw like a girl if that's the way it works for me, when I tried to throw to him in a way that I thought wasn't "girl-like" and the ball went God only knows where. I so suck at sports.

The BBQ itself was a fun evening and I stayed way too late (but it worked since thanks to Dearborn Homecoming's fireworks there was no parking on my street until after 11:00 p.m.).

Sunday was a very busy and exhausting day – to say nothing about how damn hot it was. There was Mass and then the race home to finish making the taco/Mexican layered dip, then on to the store because I had forgotten to buy chips. I also changed clothes into my new Capri pants. Everybody said they looked cute and my cousin couldn't believe this was my first pair as she spends her entire summer in them.

My cousin and my niece both tried to steal my new brown sandals (which for the record do not make my feet all that happy – but they are damn cute). I had been smart enough to buy a pair of brown low-heeled close-toed mules, so I ended up wearing those most of the day. I used to be able to run in heels! Now I can barely wear them. So sad, this getting old shit.

YS raked in the goodies at her graduation party even though she had asked for no gifts. People will just ignore that if they want to, and I, personally, don't have a problem with that. I don't think it's right to deny people the right to buy gifts, if that's what they want to do.

Well, it's now Tuesday. I wrote all the previous stuff yesterday but then had to bail as I had to get to Grandma's at some point and I was not going to give up my gym time.

My mom really pissed me off on Sunday. One of the men at church asked me if I were jogging, and Mom spoke up and said, "No, she doesn't exercise." I just looked at her and said, "Do you mind not speaking for me?" I am 40 fucking years old and my mother feels the need to answer for me as if I were 2 years old and still learning to talk in full sentences. To say nothing about the fact that she doesn't know what she's talking about. I said something about the treadmill and she spoke right up again, "Oh that's right, she does do the treadmill." She's so fucking lucky that I didn't smack the shit out of her – because I was raised properly and would never hit my mother, no matter how tempted I might be. And this is the second time she's chosen to inform me or whomever that I don't exercise. I realise that I'm not a marathon runner like the YS, and that she's Mom's favorite (no matter what Mom says), but give me a fucking break. I am perfectly capable of speaking. And as you all know because I've been bitching enough, I have been exercising since February. And the other time she mentioned my lack of exercising, I had said something about my bike, and Mom said, "YS said you're not riding that anymore." I said to her, "If you want to know what's going on in my life, I suggest you ask me. YS doesn't necessarily know everything."

I remember when OS got married, Mom indicated that now that OS was married (just out of college) that she now knew everything because she was married. And now that YS had her doctorate, she knows everything! Since I'm apparently never getting married and I know for a fact that I'm never getting an advanced degree I'll never know everything in my mother's eyes.

I'm thinking that it's time to move away again. Living within 20 miles of my mother is not working. She drives me up a bloody wall. Yes, I'm a bad daughter. I was lucky enough to avoid seeing Mom last night because I left Grandma's before she got there.

And on that exceptionally bitchy note, I'll sign off for now!

Everybody, go to Clarity's and JulieU's and wish them a Happy Birthday!


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