Friday, August 05, 2005

Weekend Preview!

My weekend is booked solid and we all know how I hate that!!! I literally will have damn near zero time for myself, and I'm sorry, but I'm single for a bloody reason. I like time to myself. I actually backed out of an outing to the Meadowbrook Music Festival tonight with Mom and aunts to hear the DSO play an All Tchaikowsky program (and we all know how much I love dear old Piotr Illych), but the thought of driving I-94 and I-75 with all the construction and then dealing with the extra traffic heading to the Concourse d'Elegance and then trying to find a way home (since they're closing I-75 tonight) was just too much for my poor tired brain to contemplate.

I'm going to start with Sunday.

Sunday will start with Mass at the normal 9:30 a.m. time which will be followed by me racing home to make the seven-layer dip I have to take to OS's house for YS's graduation party. I need to be there by 2:00 p.m. and will probably be ragged on when I try to leave around 8:00 p.m.

Saturday, which is normally my ONLY day to sleep in, will be spent at Sacred Heart Major Seminary. I have to be there by 9:00 a.m. or some other absolutely ridiculous hour (for a Saturday) and the meeting is supposed to last until 4:30. This is a meeting to discuss the merger of my church with Precious Blood. I hadn't planned on going, but then it was announced this past Sunday that we only had 11 people signed while Precious Blood had 26 or 29. I'm Catholic enough for this guilt tactic to work. Dammit. I really really don't want to go. I'm going to spend an absolutely beautiful summer Saturday sitting inside? And I'm pretty sure that the reason there are so few people from my church willing to go to this meeting is that we know that it's bullshit. We know it's the Archdiocese's way of trying to make us think that we will be active participants in the process, but it's hard to believe it when they insist on treating us like mushrooms. We *KNOW* that they have chosen Precious Blood as the church we'll be moving into, but to pretend we have a voice in the matter? That's what pisses me off. Just say straight out: "Yes, St. Francis' church is much more practical, but Precious Blood has that absolutely amazing architecture and stunning stained glass windows, and even though the acoustics are terrible and you can't actually hear the priest from the altar or the pulpit and even though it's huge and you'll never be able to afford to heat it and even though it has no air conditioning, we think it's the better option." Don't fucking lie to us. As you can see I have a really bad attitude about this. I'm just so tired of the lies that come out of the Archdiocese. If I didn't love my church family so much, I'd be ditching this crap.

After the meeting I have a BBQ to attend. A good friend is moving to TX because he's in love. Completely understandable as she is a lovely person. I'm very happy for him, but will miss him. Thankfully they aren't heading to TX right away and they'll still be here in two weeks and are going to the Tigers game with me for my b-day. Yay! There is supposedly going to be some sort of base/softball game played at the beginning of the BBQ, but I shall be doing my very best to avoid this as I suck complete athletic ass. I have no abilities whatsoever. The last time I threw a baseball/softball, YS and LB were rolling around on the ground laughing. My fragile ego can't handle much more of that. I know I suck, there's no reason to roll around on the ground. I can play catch until the cows come home (as long as people aren't laughing hysterically at my expense), but put me in the outfield and I hide from any ball hit to me. And I always get put in rightfield because "nobody hits to rightfield," but then every fucker in the game will do their best to pull the ball so that it comes to rightfield. I love watching baseball, but God, I hate playing it. I know I'm inept, I don't really need it hammered home. I wonder how late I can be to the BBQ to avoid the damn baseball game. ;-)

And then there's today. If I were to go to the concert tonight, I probably wouldn't be able to get my full workout in and we all know how I hate that. And then I would have no time to get to the grocery store to buy the stuff for the 7-layer dip that I need to make on Sunday. YS recommends that I make the sour cream/cream cheese base tonight so that the flavors have time to meld together. No, the sour cream and cream cheese don’t need to meld, it's the taco seasoning packet I'm going to add to them. So, I'm blowing off my two California aunts and Mom (and possibly YS) to stay home (or go to a friend's for some pizza). I really really really want to go to bed by 9:00 p.m. tonight – how lame am I that I am planning on going to bed at 9:00 p.m. on a Friday night – since I have to get up early tomorrow morning.

And yes, for the record, I will be taking knitting with me to the meeting tomorrow. An 8 hour meeting (or 7.5 hours) is a situation ripe with knitting possibilities! To keep me from the falling asleep possibilities!

Yesterday was singularly uninteresting, so I won't bore you with the details of me working out, driving to the eye doctor's to pick up new contacts while screaming at the idiot drivers going 5mph UNDER the speed limit in both friggin' lanes and then picking up some fish for the kids (Igor once again proving that he's a weird cat as he turned his nose up at said fish) and then doing a little knitting before going to bed at 8:00 p.m. I don't know when all this extra energy from working out is going to kick in, but I keep on waiting…same as I'm waiting for the weight to drop off me.

And on that tired note, I'll sign off for the weekend. Have a great one, everybody!!!


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