Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It Could Be Sunshine

I received an e-mail from a fan club telling me that I could send Holiday Greetings to the reason the fan club exists. Do people really do that? And not feel utterly pathetic? Does the actor really care and read every message? I signed up just because I wanted the messages that tell me where I can find him on TV (not that I ever remember and watch the shows, if I have access to the channel), but this invitation to be a completely freak also showed up in my Inbox.

I have written one letter to a "famous" person in my life (two if you count the letter they made me write in 3rd grade to the President – Nixon at the time, thank you very much). It was 1995 (or 96) and I had discovered the ESPN racing chat and met all sorts of people including the woman who was Darrell Waltrip's timekeeper. I learned about NASCAR through the chat and although I didn't know much I thought that DW seemed to be a cool guy and Timekeeper assured us all that he was a great guy. He ended up having some sort of surgery that year and a bunch of us sent e-mails to Timekeeper wishing him well. According to her, he greatly appreciated the messages.

I've thought about writing letters to famous sport figures, but it never happens because it would be a little weird. Don’t you think?

If I did write a letter it would be to Lance Armstrong in which I inform him that Sheryl Crow can't actually sing well and ask if he really wants to be married to a no-talent hack with no fashion sense (did you see the yellow dress from earlier this year? Honestly, as my mother says, "I guess she doesn't own a full-length mirror.") I guess that's his business, but he should really think about it. Yeah, I know, productive as hell, isn't it? I can't believe that I just voluntarily went looking for Sheryl Crow pictures. I've made myself ill.

Good news! Queen (with Paul Rodgers and only Brian May and Roger Taylor) has announced a full 23-date tour for next year! Pre-sale starts tomorrow. Tickets on sale on Dec. 3 for some dates and Dec. 17 for others. I'm so there! It won't be the same but I think it could be a really cool show. I should probably ask LB as he went to the show at the Hollywood Bowl in October. He has been a HUGE Queen fan for years and just cried when Freddy died. He'd kill me if he knew I told people that, much less broadcast it to the Internet world. ;-)

Loopy – I must confess that I did NOT go to the gym yesterday. It was too darn nice.

When it's 60F in Detroit on November 28th, you don't waste time inside! I went for a nice three mile walk. I figured that was pretty good. Today I'll be running up and down two flights of steps doing laundry, so that'll have to count as well. I seriously have no clean clothes (ignore those clothes in my closet) and need to get serious about doing the wash. I hate doing laundry!!! Mostly I hate folding and putting away the clean clothes. Why is that? It's not like it takes a super long time – ten minutes top, but I simply hate doing it!!!

I have to go and buy a microwave today. My friend and I signed up to participate in "Operation Good Cheer" where you essentially adopt a child/teenager who would otherwise not get Christmas gifts and buy them stuff. All gifts need to be here by tomorrow (wrapped!). We got a 17-year-old girl in foster care who is apparently going to be out on her butt shortly because she wants all bridal shower type gifts (towels, pots/pans, dishes, lamps). My friend told me that Target has one for $34 or the Evil Empire has one for $30. She knows that there is no way in hell that I would go to the Evil Empire, so I hope my Target didn't sell out on Black Friday. I will drive to every Target within a 15 mile radius before I grace Wal-Mart with my presence.

The poor girl also wanted Winnie-the-Pooh pajamas but there were none to be had in women's sizes that I could find. I wanted to get her something fun for Christmas – not just practical stuff!!! Even 17-year-olds w/o parents deserve fun.


At Tuesday, 29 November, 2005, Anonymous Clarity said...

I only wrote two famous people in my life.

One was Michael Jackson at age 7, He didn't write me back. Though 2 years later I received an invitation to pay 15$ to join the "Official Michael Jackson" fan club. psht.

The second letter was to Wil Wheaton. I poured my heart into it and surprisingly he DID write back. A short handwritten thank you note, and a comment on something I had said. Along with an autographed photograph.

I still have the photograph and letter. How much of a dork am I? :)

At Tuesday, 29 November, 2005, Blogger Ben O. said...

I loved Queen before and they would probably still rock now. Paul Rodgers is no Freddie Mercury, but that boy can sing believe you and me.

Ben O.

At Wednesday, 30 November, 2005, Blogger GoingLoopy said...

Target had some PJ's in women's sizes that were Disney or cartoons, I think...and they always have cheap microwaves. :) The Evil Empire sucks donkey balls. And I am much more likely to write letters to people like advice columnists who give bad advice than a celebrity.

At Thursday, 01 December, 2005, Anonymous Heeland Lass said...

Thanks for my birthday wishes! xxx


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