Friday, November 18, 2005

Harry and Peter!

First off to the anonymous commenter who left me a message re: John Le Carre. I am reading The Honourable Schoolboy right now and it's simply taking me forever. It's not that I'm not enjoying it, it's just that I have so many other things to do that I don't have an overabundance of reading time. I hope to finish it SOON! I'm really liking it.

There is good news today. First off, suicidal friend was doing much better last night, although Martha said she noticed that he was definitely still down compared to last Friday when we were out. I agreed with her, but said that he was a thousand percent better than the night before. And he was all excited last night because he's getting a new truck. I figured that was a good sign. And I reminded him that he had agreed to go to my church's closing mass on Sunday. I have three people who have said they'll go and another who said she'd go to the opening mass of the new church the following Sunday. I guess I just want people to see how warm and inviting my church family is.

Other good is that today is Opening Day of the latest Harry Potter movie. I'm sorry to all you non Harry-ites out there, but Iā€™m GEEKED!!!! Yes, I am. My plan is to take off in the middle of the day to see it and then come back to work. Pure excitement, you might get a movie review later.

Tonight is also the Bauhaus concert. Beyond EXCITED!!!! What can I say? I'm a geek. I saw them on their big reunion tour back in 1999 (I think it was '99, I know I was in SF at the time) and it kicked. I'm sure tonight's is going to be even better! Oooooh, it's at the Royal Oak Music Theatre. All this time I figured it was downtown at the State. I saw Oingo Boingo at the Royal Oak more years ago than I want to admit (at least 15, but probably more). Where does the time go? I simply love Danny Elfman. He is a freaking musical genius. If he weren't already married to Bridget Fonda I'd probably have him on my list of five ā€“ he's not that cute, but bloody hell, he's DANNY ELFMAN!!! Holy cow! Who knew there were such devoted Oingo Boingo fans out there in the world! Tattoos??? WOW!

In preparation for the concert tonight I've been listening to my Bauhaus CDs for the past month. I have at least six. Not too bad. I haven't been to a rock concert (versus classical) since last November when I saw Tears for Fears. What can I say? I love the 80s.

Oh, and for the record, I'm not ready for winter. And it was 21F this morning with a RealFeel of 14F. This is just WRONG!!!

GoingLoopy ā€“ Please nag me into going to the gym. I was a complete lame ass last night and didn't go. *sigh* I need someone to kick me in the ass.


At Friday, 18 November, 2005, Blogger mr. schprock said...

Daughter Number 2 and I are going to see Harry Potter tommorow (Saturday). I've read the books and listened to them as well (Jim Dale is the greatest reader in the history of the world). I can't wait to read your rview.

At Friday, 18 November, 2005, Blogger Jason said...

Enjoy the movie and the concert! I'm a little pissed that I can't go to Bauhaus. I thought that the show was tomorrow, and when I found out it was tonight it was too late to get out of work. I'll be working at the restaurant tonight. Stop by and I'll buy you a drink or something.

At Friday, 18 November, 2005, Blogger Scott said...

I don't get to go to movies like Harry Potter anymore--not until my son gets older and doesn't get so easily spooked. He can't even handle the tense music yet. It was an excellent book and I'm sure it will be a great movie. You'll have to post about how you liked it.

I'm a geek too, and really enjoyed Oingo Boingo. Don't worry, you're not alone.


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