Thursday, October 20, 2005

No Rollins For Me

My friend Jim is officially a Goofball! Turns out that Rollins wasn't in AA last night – he's going to be there next Wednesday. Of course, we did not discover this until we got to AA. We drive past the Michigan Theatre where he "was supposed to perform" and I look at the marquee and it had some weirdass combination of words which included Thumbsucker. I looked at Jim and asked, "Is that the name of Rollins' tour?" "Um, no." As we turn into the parking garage he asks, "What's today's date?" I look at my watch and say, "The 19th." "Hmmm, why is the 26th so prominently in my head?" I laughed outright at this point. We find a parking spot and walk to the Theatre and there's nothing at all to indicate that Rollins is playing there. In fact, there are damn near no people around. I’m just laughing at this point, and he says to me, "What are you doing next Wednesday?" "Going to see Rollins?"

We decide to get some dinner since neither of us had eaten. After an acceptable meal at the Old Town Pub we walked back to the car and Jim says, "I have no idea where the car is." I told him not to worry because I knew where the car was. He said, "I was too worried trying to figure out how I was going to tell you that you weren't seeing Rollins tonight to remember where the car is." I laughed at him again and said, "I had already figured that out." The second we went past the Michigan Theatre and there was no line and Rollins name was not on the marquee, I figured it out. It was a fun evening, though. And even better? I got to bed much earlier than I had figured and was still able to sleep after taking a damn near two hour nap in the afternoon. I was OUT! I was so damn tired.

My plans for today were to sit on the couch (after work, obviously) and make the rosary that I need to make by Saturday, but I might have to drive to Westland to get my hair cut. It's so desperately long and I'm HATING it!!! I had asked the ever lovely Ursamajor if she wanted to go for Indian food, but she has food poisoning, and although it bums me out, it's probably for the best. I really need to get the rosary done. One of the other women at church wanted to buy a rosary for the Quinceañera, and got all bent out of shape when I said I wanted to make one. I simply stepped back and said the other woman could do it and she could present it at the ceremony. I would give mine to Kianca separately so as not to piss of the first woman who's a bit sensitive. Well, I just talked to my mom and she said the woman said she's not even planning on going to the ceremony, so I think it's even more important now that I get the rosary made. Some people's feelings get hurt way too easily. I think that I'm a bit of a pansy-ass that way (ultra-sensitive), but shit, I'm a rock compared to Rosary Woman.


At Thursday, 20 October, 2005, Blogger trinamick said...

My cousin just had a quinceanera, and I've been wondering how to spell it. Of course, now that I'm not looking at your post, I probably wrote it wrong anyway. I hear they're quite the shindig!


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