Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Nobel Prize Time, Moon Landings and Polls

I'm such a geek (and not just a racing geek) that I get all excited when the time comes to announce the Nobel Prizes. Today they announced the Physics' prize winners. And being an Econ major back in my former life as a college student, I really get geared up for the prize in Economics.

I got the new Apollo 13 special edition on DVD recently and watched the movie and all the bonus features (except for the commentary with Ron Howard and Marilyn and James Lovell) over the weekend. And this made me think about the people in this country who do not believe that we put men on the moon. I asked the Libertarian (who insists he's not a Libertarian, but we all know he is) if he believed in the moonwalk and just as I thought, he said No. Absolutely not. I told him that I knew he would say that and that it just verifies for me that he's a lunatic. He thinks I'm a simpleton for believing it and I think he's a conspiracy theorist who is just insane. So, that's my question: Do you believe that men walked on the moon? I haven't had time to read this yet, but I'm looking forward to it. If you want to find the conspiracists' sites, just do a google search and I'm sure you'll find people willing to display that they're nutjobs to the whole world. ;-)

This is my favorite quote so far which explains why conspiracy theories exist:

To seem intelligent. Conspiracy theories are often much more elaborate than what's commonly believed about something. And they usually require the listener to expand his understanding to accept the possibility of a conspiracy. Those who casually examine photographs of the lunar landings are impressed when they are led to discover discrepancies. This inflates the ego and gives one the impression that he is smarter than the dozens who look at the same photographs and see nothing special.

And I had another question to ask my intermittent readers…but what the hell was it? Let me think……well, that didn't help. I can't remember what my oh so important question was. *sigh* It's a bitch getting old.

Oh, and for those following the Mom to Mexico saga – she's going for certain. I'm resigned to it.


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