Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Blog Entry #200 (actually it's probably more than that)

I came up with some great blogging ideas on Thursday and then didn't write a post on Friday. And I'm not really sure another hockey post is good for business. Yeah, that's right, all of my good blogging ideas were about hockey. Man, it's good to have a hockey season.

Friday, Martha and I went up to Cheli's Chili Bar for drinks to celebrate her b-day. Boy, you can tell she's not a Leo. She doesn't like her birthday and she doesn't like a fuss being made. I've told her that birthdays are all good! She's going to try to adjust her attitude. It was a nice evening with some other friends, Guinness and nachos (and wings for the meat-eaters).

Saturday I spent all flippin' day helping my aunt put up my ceiling fans. Yes, I know it's damn near winter time, but the Schneider of my apartment buildings never got around to it since I moved in April. And my aunt now understands why. It took us over seven hours to hang TWO ceiling fans. As "Schneider" said when we called with some questions, "Nothing is easily done here." And trust me, my aunt knows what she's doing!!!

We got done at 6:30 just in time to drive like a maniac (me) to get to the AMC Laurel Park movie theatre to see "The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" with Mom, YS, and Nephew. We caught the 7:00 p.m. show and I was home and in bed by 10:00 p.m. Bloody hell I was tired!

Wallace & Gromit are two of my favorite movie characters of all time. Poor ol' long-suffering Gromit dealing with Wallace's little idiosyncrasies and cheese gluttony. It was very cleverly done, but damn, I don't know that I have the patience to deal with claymation! I always thought that the 30-minute shorts would drive me to drink, but a full-length movie? Nuts! Each time little movement has to be made and then they film it and then they make the next tiny little movement and film it, etc. I would go stark raving mad!!!

The Wings took their first loss last night to the hated Vancouver Canucks, the team with "the even more despised, shouldn't be playing at all but Bettman is a bloody idiot" Todd Bertuzzi. I so wanted to be at that game to boo that motherfucker! And I could have gone but a friend was in town from MA and I had made plans way back when to see him and his girlfriend. Turns out that they were in town for a wedding for another friend – yeah, a wedding to which I wasn't invited. The thing is I'm a little bummed about not being invited, but since I haven't seen said friend in forever (she's a bit of a minor celebrity here in Detroit and just never has time to see me), it's understandable. Besides, this way I didn't have to buy a present! Or freeze to death since it was an outdoor wedding on Saturday and it was pretty darn chilly here!

So, instead of going to last night's game at The Joe, my friends and I walked up to Cheli's Chili Bar and had some dinner and watched the first two periods of the game. We went back to my place where my friend took pics of the kids so I hope to post pics of the little cuties sometime soon, so you all can enjoy just how damn cute my cats are. ;-) Oh, yeah, we watched the last period of the game which was just damn depressing.

Oh yeah, Yay! Angels on beating the Yankees! I wasn't going to root for the Chicago White Sox but when it comes to a Midwest team vs. a California team, I have to go with the Midwest team. I lived in CA for four years and for some reason they all think that if you're from the Midwest you're a complete rube. I mean the number of stupid things said to me when I was living there. I came from Detroit, people! It's a big, metropolitan city! I've seen cows, but I don't think I've ever touched one, except at a petting zoo! We have an opera company, world-class art museum, a world-class symphony orchestra, etc. So, as much as I hate to say this, Go White Sox!!!

Yesterday, I read this little tidbit in the comments section at a friend's diary. "…if she is older than you, and she is unattached, she probably has a relaxed attitude to marital fidelity." WTF!?! Needless to say, I was PISSED OFF. First off, it was not written about me, but I object strenuously to this assumption that just because a woman has been unlucky enough (or lucky enough, depending on the day) not to find a person with whom to spend the rest of her life does NOT mean that we view marital fidelity as a throw-away. Who believes shit like that? Who judges people with such a broad stroke? Yes, the person is probably young and lucky enough to have a boyfriend/significant other, but to imply that older, single women throw themselves at other women's husbands all willy-nilly set me freaking off! It's just damn insulting and stupid. And for the record, I would NEVER go after another woman's husband. As if that needed to be said…

I did a different workout on the elliptical last night since the Fat Burner workout was apparently not living up to its name. I did the trail blazer and it was a bit more difficult – more drastic ups and downs. We'll see how that does. Today though I really need to get to Lowe's and get a ceiling fan light kit for the bedroom ceiling fan. I'd get one at Home Depot (lot closer), but they only had hideous light kits and, of course, it's not like I could find an employee to help me. Everybody tells me that Lowe's is better about customer service, so we shall see. I need to find a light for the kitchen too since mine is so incredibly ugly and not very light-giving.

And although I'm a day late (and more than dollar short), I want to wish all my Canadian friends a Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you ate yourself stupid yesterday! (Or Sunday for those who celebrate both days.)


At Wednesday, 12 October, 2005, Blogger Beth said...

Wow, that's one heckuva post there! I want to see the Wallace film, but won't until it's out on DVD. I hate going to the theater now. Too many people chatting during the flick.

At Thursday, 13 October, 2005, Blogger Dave said...

Just when things were going along so well, more hockey. Ungh! :o)
Have to comment on the Home Depot lack of customer service comment. As a past employee of that rat hole, I've got to agree with you. In my personal experience, there were many times when nobody was scheduled for certain hours in any given department. It was all based on past sales. That dictated how many hours and at what times people were working in each department. I was in kitchens, which was right next to lighting. Everyone came to me and bitched that nobody was around to help them there. So I'd go into "the light cloud" (gak!) to help, and next thing you know, someone would be waiting at my desk bitching that they had to wait for me.
Stupid company. More staff = more sales. Less staff = less sales and pissed off customers.
Ahh...that felt good.


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