Tuesday, August 16, 2005


The baseball game last night was amazing! And I must start off by saying, "I'm very very very sorry" to the Tigers for having no faith in them yesterday. Not only did they beat the BoSox, they did with a come from behind victory in the bottom of the 9th. And I must say Thank you to them, as well, for taking care of business in the 9th and not just tying it up and making us go into extra innings, because I was already damn tired. As it was, it was 11:30 before I got to bed and then it took me longer to wind down. I have NO voice today and my throat hurts a touch. That's what I get for screaming and yelling. As much as I love hockey and Champ Car racing, there aren't the fabulous opportunities for yelling that a baseball game provides – even if you're way out in right field. I'm sure they all can hear me screaming their names individually, don't you think? ;-)

I remember thinking partway through the game that the fans were being lame, not cheering and hollering like they should, but then they came through in the 8th inning (I think it was the 8th) when somehow they got the Wave going and it went around the entire stadium at least ten times and the upper deck even got involved. It was very cool.

In the bottom of the 8th we were down 6-3 but managed one run before the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox put in Curt Schilling with two outs and Curtis Granderson up. I didn't understand that at all. First off, I didn't realise that Schilling had been made into a closer, so I was VERY confused and then to put him in against Curtis Granderson?? I mean, he's not like a household name, even here in Detroit! Whatever. Schilling struck out the man I kept referring to as Our Swede (he's not, as far as I know, but I decided I was wearing my Swedish coin earrings for him). The Boys of Summer came through and got the Sox out 1-2-4 in the top of the 9th and then it was on to face Mr. Schilling once more. Up to this point I had completely forgotten about putting on my rally cap, but I saw a little girl with hers on and I immediately transferred mine into its rally power and had the Mexillents put their brand new Tigers hats on in a rally-mode! I spent most of the 9th inning on my feet, clapping my hands until they were red, swollen and sore, and cheering for every one of my batters. First up was Placido Polanco, who was a marvelous pick-up mid-season and he got on with a single. WOOHOO!!! Lots of cheering and yelling! Up came DY, our DH. He had gotten out every time up to bat in this game, so I yelled that it was time to do something. And do something he did! He got a triple! According to the paper, he would have been out at third if the throw had been spot-on, but it wasn't and he slid headfirst into third. SAFE!!! It was now 6-5. Tram replaces DY with Nook Logan, a very speedy guy, as pinch runner. Mags aka Magglio Ordoñez (what a great pick-up that was – thanks White Sox for letting him go) is up next. And he gets a single which brings Nook home quite easily – no need for his speed as he practically walked across home plate. I so did not want this game to go into extra innings. I kept imploring my boys to finish the game NOW!

Schilling next walked Craig Monroe which put my Brandon at the plate. Unfortunately, Brandon struck out swinging. This brought up John MacDonald who had replaced Omar Infante at shortstop after Omar did not run out what he thought was a foul ball but ended being fair in the 8th. After the throwing error Omar had made earlier in the game, a good sitting down and talking to was in order. So, this John MacDonald character of whom I knew nothing comes up to bat. And delivers an absolutely beautiful single to left which rolled into the corner. This brought home Mags and that's all we needed! The Tigers fans in the crowd were going crazy whereas the Boston fans were a tad crestfallen by seeing their heroes fall to the lowly Detroit team. Sorry, kids, but you still have the World Series, comfort yourselves with that.

Oh yeah, and there were two streakers in the 6th inning. I was more amused by the Boston players' response to the streakers than the streakers themselves. The players just stood there and waited patiently, as if this happens all the time at Fenway. Literally, there was no reaction from Johnny Damon or the left fielder. They simply waited for the guys to get caught and taken away. Someone said, "Talk about the perp walk of shame." The guards took the two naked guys out up an aisle between very full sections. Egads. And if you don’t know the consequences and are thinking that streaking sounds like a good idea, the two guys will now be on the Sexual Offenders Registry to say nothing of the remaining charges they'll face. I can't imagine it's worth it.

I hope last night's win wasn't a fluke and they're able to get one more from the Sox before they leave town – and get all geared up for Toronto this weekend. A win for my birthday would be so fun!!! Go Tigers!!!


At Wednesday, 17 August, 2005, Anonymous Clarity said...

Glad you had fun at the baseball game. I haven't been to a baseball game in nearly 20 years, My father brought me to a "Yankees" game when I was really young. I just remember the excitment of it and having my baseball signed by a few of the players. I wish I could do that again.

I'm sorry I haven't sent you an addy for here in the states, My E-mail isn't quite working properly. Eric is trying to fix it. P.S. I like that GAME you posted earlier this week. I want to participate, but I'll probably have to wait until I have more time to use the internet if I post it on my own blog. That's a really cool idea. Can you do me?

Hope you're having a good day, Kat! Thanks for your last note and for your birthday card last week!!

At Thursday, 18 August, 2005, Blogger Heather said...

So glad you had a good time. We just have the Rockies and their games are never any fun...well, I take that back. The very first game my brother & I went to during their inagural season when they played the Cubs was fun. Since then...enh.

At Thursday, 18 August, 2005, Blogger Spoozinator said...

And who knew, when we picked this game back in March in our little Morale Committee meeting, that it would be just THAT exciting!

At Thursday, 18 August, 2005, Blogger John said...

The Tigers ended up taking two of three from the Sox. I'm happy for you (but only because the Yankees lost to Tampa...again)

At Thursday, 18 August, 2005, Blogger Kathleen said...

John - I personally love it when the Yankees lose (sorry, Clarity).

Clarity - When you come home, we're getting you to a baseball game!

Heather - Why aren't the Rockies fun?

Spoozy - Fine job by the Morale Committee!


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