Thursday, June 30, 2005

Supposedly an Alphabetised Survey

I haven't stolen a survey in a while, but saw this one at Heather's site and had to steal it. Okay, I didn't really *have* to steal it but it was somewhat interesting.

A - Age you lost your virginity? So not happening this little disclosure.

B - Band listening to right now? The Dears EP

C - Dream car? Ford GT

D - Dad's name? Asshole

E - Easiest person to make me laugh? Darrell, Brian

F - Food you miss most? Alaskan King Crab Legs. If I were ever to give up being a vegetarian, these would be the temptation.

G - Any encounters with ghosts? Nah.

H - Person most hated at the moment? Nobody at the moment, but the person that Heather saw throw something at a heron really pissed me off.

I - Interesting unknown fact about yourself? I have a dent in my left leg where I walked straight on into a fire hydrant back in 1997.

J - The first letter of the last person who broke your heart? M (I went with first person)

L - Last time you did LSD? I wouldn't even know where to get it or what it looks like, so the answer is NEVER.

M - Most memorable moment you can think of in a minute? Jeff Krosnoff's crash at Toronto in 1996 which killed him. I cried all the way home (not the safest driving style ever).

N - Nicknames? Kathleen, Kat, Leenie, Lemur, Fucking Moron (but I'm the only one allowed to call myself that)

O - What's the most valued possession? Boris and Igor followed by my books, CDs, and racing pictures

P - Poison of choice? Guinness.

Q - The last quote you heard: "I love the smell of methanol in the morning."

R - What are you allergic to? Avocados make me sick, although I'm not sure it's an allergy. Other than that, the usual cats, dogs, grass, pollen, shit like that.

S - Song you sang last? Summer of Protest by The Dears

T - Time you woke up? The alarm went off at 4:15, I dragged my sorry butt out of bed around 4:47 a.m.

U - Fav. pair of underwear? Do people really have favorite pairs of underwear? All of mine are basically the same, just different colors. I'm branching out as I only used to buy black.

V - Vegetable you hate most? Lima beans – they're so incredibly vile that I'm stunned and amazed that there are people in this world who actually like them!!!!

W - What are you the most afraid of? Running into my father at a Tigers game

X - X-rated love life? Do I have one? Is that the question? Shit, I don't even have a G-rated love life!

Y - Year you were born? 1964

Z - Zodiac sign? Leo


At Thursday, 30 June, 2005, Blogger Erica said...

Hey - why ya wanna be cold-trippin' on the lima beans? They RAWK!! Especially with ketchup. Seriously. Southern delicacy.

At Thursday, 30 June, 2005, Anonymous urs said...

When's your birthday? I know its coming up soon and I SO have the present all picked out...


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