Friday, June 17, 2005

Chucks Contest!!!

I just signed up for this contest. I mean, really, they're giving away TEN pairs of Chucks and you think I'm not going to try??? I would be in Chuck Taylor Heaven!!!!! I have no clue what the band Tsar sounds like, but I do NOT care. I'll receive their damn newsletter for a little while and then cancel it (once I don't win).

Sure I already have eleven pairs, but that includes two red pairs (one faded from wearing them to races) and two all black pairs for wearing to work. I went on-line a few months back and there were all sorts of new ones, and I think I need them. Keep your fingers crossed that I win!!! Clarity, if I win, I will so share with you!!! ;-)

Why do people buy sports cars and then drive them like little old ladies in Buicks (except for my Grandma)??? You do not have to come to a complete stop to complete that right turn. You really don't. Hell, even if you're in a Hummer, I can't believe you have to stop COMPLETELY!!! My Grandma is 85 (or 86) years old and drives like a speed freak. Of course, she doesn't drive a Buick, she drives a Pontiac Bonneville (pronounced BonnEEville by Grandma), because all 86-year-olds need a V6!!! And I have to say that Grandma is NOT a menace on the roads. Her husband, on the other hand, is just plain scary and worse he's a MCP and will not get into a car driven by a woman, even if he's been drinking, or maybe I should say, ESPECIALLY if he's been drinking.

When did schools start teaching that the correct past tense form of "to see" is "I seen." WTF? The dipshit I sat next to for my first two years at my present company used to say "I seen" and "I had saw." It drove me about out of my mind. Of course, this is the same woman who said nestle for Nestlé (ness-lee) and Reesee's for Reese's. The day she said it I just looked at her and said, "Do you mean Nestlé?" "Yeah, nestle." And "I love Reese's peanut butter cups." But it was too subtle for her. ARGH!!!!!!! Who doesn't know that the huge conglomerate that happens to make chocolate is pronounced with a LEE sound at the end? Other than this product of the Belleville School District who married the same jackass TWICE!!!??? And she was barely 30 at the time.

My favorite Detroit Piston is Rip Hamilton*. I haven't had a favorite Piston since the early 90s (then it was Joe Dumars), but like then there's something about them all that I like – it could just be that they play for a Detroit team. I'm a total homegirl I'd actually like to be able to watch one of the games, but due to the TV scheduling (fucking TV scheduling) all of the games start at 9:00 p.m. which is my bedtime. And even though the games are usually scheduled every other day (note: they played Tuesday and then Thursday) when it comes to the weekend, they skip Saturday (because more of us could stay up?) and the next game isn't until Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. Yeah, let's make it easy for all those people on the West Coast who aren't actually watching to be able to watch. You don't want to encourage the Eastern Time Zone people or anything.

And you know they could start the damn games at 8:00 – isn't that when Monday Night Football starts? But no, let's screw the city that's hosting 3/7ths of the games.

Hell, I'm already exhausted and that's with going to bed at a semi-decent hour (well, except for last night when I didn't get to bed until 10:00 or so and then I got something in my eye that was just excruciating and about an hour later I got whatever it was out and my poor eye to calm down and fall asleep.

Yikers! I'd feel sorry for him except that he's one of the owners who voted to lockout the season and was part of the problem of offering salaries he couldn't afford, so I would say, "You made your bed, it's time to lie in it." I just hope that whoever buys the team keeps it in St. Louis. They're not an Original Six team, but they're part of the original 1960s expansion and that counts for something!

Oh yeah, last night at the concert, we had this nice older couple from Higgins Lake (way up north an hour south of the Mackinac Bridge) sitting next to us. We chatted and found out that it was their 46th wedding anniversary and that they were staying at a B&B right in downtown Detroit (I had no idea there was a B&B in downtown Detroit, and wouldn't have thought there was much call for one, but it's nice to see that people do stay down there). Anyway, I was telling them that they should go to TJ's for dinner (yes, I realise I'm obsessed with the place, but I like to make sure all people know about it). After the concert, the man asks me to write down the details and he hands me his program and a pen. As I'm preparing to put pen to program, this woman stops dead in front of us and looks at me intently. I'm wondering, "WTF?" when she said something about "Is she a famous person?" to the older man. I wasn't really paying attention, so I just continued writing. When I finished the man said to me, "I almost told her that she could have an autograph too, for $10." I had to laugh, because famous people always sit in the cheapest seats in the house. And I wonder who the hell she thought I was, but I like to think that I must have looked fabulous to warrant any sort of attention. Still makes me laugh when I think about it. I think the woman was a little embarrassed to find out that I wasn't anybody famous, just somebody giving directions.

. *And just for the record, I've never seen Phantom of the Opera and don't actually care to.


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