Thursday, June 30, 2005

Naps, Laundry and the Tour de France

My body took control yesterday afternoon. I know I've been whining all week about how bloody tired I am and yesterday when I got home from work I laid down (is it Laid down/ lied down? I am very grammar oriented, but I have to confess that lay/lie have never been my strong suit) and took my temperature as I was not feeling all that well yesterday. I was so tired that when I took the thermometer out of my mouth I thought it read just barely 98.0˚F. Cool, no temp, I thought. I continued to lie there (see?) and had the foresight to hit the nap button on my clock radio for ten minutes. Ten minutes later it went off and I stayed on the bed thinking that I would give myself a few more moments. The next thing I knew it was 4:08 p.m. (figure an hour and a half nap) and my bloody contacts were stuck to my eyes. *sigh* I kept telling myself to get up and take the contacts out at least, but I just didn't have the energy. I was then very scared that I wouldn't be able to sleep last night. No problem at all, as it turns out. I crawled into bed around 8:00 while talking to Martha (who is still in Mexico and probably won't be home in time for my b-day) and after I hung up with her around 8:30 I played electronic solitaire (I find it keeps the brain from thinking too much) and I'd say I was asleep by 9:00 p.m. And once again slept like a rock.

The weather was so weird yesterday, it thundered and lightninged for a good hour before the rain came and when it came, it downpoured. And was hotter and more humid when it ended.

I was thinking about calling Glen and seeing if he wanted to take off for the baseball game today but then I remembered that I'm taking my friend Julie out for her b-day (which was yesterday) this afternoon and we probably would be back in time. For the record, I know LOTS of Julies. When I talk to YS (younger sister) I have to specify which Julie. There's Glen and Julie Julie, Pontius Pilate Julie, The Julie You Don't Know from Work Julie. Okay, I guess I only know three Julies.

You're probably wondering how Pontius Pilate Julie got her name. A few years back, Julie, YS and I were out for drinks. We were at the neighborhood bar, Howell's which is pretty much a hole-in-the-wall, and this guy came over to chat us up. This was an older not so attractive guy who thought he was all that and a bag of chips (whatever the hell that means) with slicked back hair. The type of guy who can't take a hint to go away when we all ignore him and try to continue our conversation. I can't remember the details, as it was three years ago, but he turned to Julie at one point and said, "What are you, the Pontius Pilate of the group?" HUH??? We all thought it was hilarious, of course, because WTF??? Pontius Pilate??? To this day I don't quite understand what he was getting at, but whatever.

After my nap yesterday I did laundry which is oh so exciting! I threw the clean folded clothes directly into the suitcase as I'm leaving Saturday morning for Up North. Yes, Up North is an official destination here in Michigan and requires capitalisation. I have to take up my own bath and beach towel, so I have to get serious and find my animal rescue site tote bag. It disappeared into the black hole that is my apartment. One of these days I'll finish the moving in process, but it's been too damn hot for the past month (and I was too damn lazy before that).

I'm hoping against hope that the cabin Up North has good cable because the Tour de France starts this Saturday and I'd hate to miss ten solid days of racing action. Sure, I'm rooting for Lance, of course, especially since Tyler Hamilton has been suspended for doping (dope!), but I just love the race itself. And I want to see Levi Leipheimer kick some butt, too. And Axel Merckx. Hell, I'd like to see the Giro d'Italia and la Vuelta de España, but nobody here shows it. Stupid OLN! How can there be a TV market for the World's Strongest Man Competitions on espn2, but I can't get the big bike races from Europe? More people have to care about that than WSMCs from 1994 or even 2004!!!! I have to think that people only watch because it's like a train wreck. Sure, espn2 cover WSMC, but don't cover the NHL (when it comes back). I spit on ESPN and espn2!!!! They show nothing worthwhile anymore and I used to love ESPN!!!! It's sad that they've taken to covering bowling, WSMC, and poker with the occasional Sunday Night Baseball thrown in to cover the pretense that they are a sports channel.


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