Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Dreams, SPAM and Sadness

I'm thinking that I shouldn't snooze in the morning anymore. This morning between the alarm clock going off every ten minutes I had two messed up dreams. The first was that the Pistons had lost last night 90-something to ZERO, and all I could think in my dream was HOW THE HELL DO YOU SCORE ZERO POINTS IN BASKETBALL???? Thankfully that was not true and Detroit's Bad Boys Part Deux came through and beat San Antonio 95-86. Whew! I guess their motivation was the fact that San Antonio planned their victory parade for Thursday morning. A sign on the board in Detroit's locker room read: "San Antonio's parade is scheduled for Thursday!!! Oh, I don't think so. Game 7 will be Thursday night.

My other messed up dream was that I was going to the Weight Watchers meeting here at work and everybody was showing up in shorts and t-shirts (not the way most people dress here, in fact, nobody does) and that when I weighed in, I was 173 lbs. The woman leading the meeting said that if we wanted to lose weight we'd have to give up alcoholic beverages. ARGH!!! Thankfully I do not weight 173 lbs, but it would be smart if I gave up drinking beer. *sigh* I love beer. It's just so yummy.

And how freaking cool is this story??? Go Ethiopian Lions!!!

I took some time yesterday to clean out my Bulk Mail folder and by this I mean I opened all messages and clicked on the Unsubscribe link provided (not on the ones asking if my penis is large enough, etc., since they don't provide links) and this morning my Bulk folder had only 32 message compared to the usual double or triple that. Yay. I did it again today, so I hope tomorrow I'll just be getting spam for V!agra or mortgages (I'm figuring you're probably not legit when you don't offer me an unsubscribe link). Very exciting times!!!

The powers that be have called off the search for my friend's family in Florida. Fellow airplane owners and friends however are planning on going back out today, as they are not ready to give up hope. My friend is on his way there from his home in the Midwest. Please keep praying/thinking hopeful thoughts for them.


At Wednesday, 22 June, 2005, Blogger Erica said...

Well I am just so sorry to hear about your friends (didn't read your earlier post until this morning); I will pray that they turn up all right, as well.

At Wednesday, 22 June, 2005, Anonymous Clarity said...

Give up drinking to lose weight??? Man, that woman doesn't know what she's talking about. The beer diet is the greatest diet known to man. It's quite simple. 2 beers a day..and one cup of ramen noodles. I guarantee after 2 weeks you'll be extraordinarily thin..( unhealthy.) BUT you'll lose about 10 pounds. Thanks so much for your last note! Also, I just read your previous entry. I'm so sorry for your friend. Life can be unfair and so harsh..I'm sorry.


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