Monday, June 20, 2005

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Holy cow, but did the weekend end with a bang. I went to a friend's house to watch the Champ Car race and (thankfully) stayed after the race ended just to chat. Finally around 7:20 I headed home and as I drove up Oakwood I saw flashing lights and emergency vehicles in the parking lot of the credit union. At first I thought that perhaps one of the kids who is always out there skateboarding had fallen and cracked his head open, since the first vehicle I saw was an ambulance. As I turned onto my street I could see that this was bigger than that, as there was a fire truck and cop car blocking my street, the ambulance in the parking lot, and a big truck upside down. I could see Ursamajor (she's already posted pictures) standing up ahead. I pulled over to the side of the street and got out. My upstairs neighbor came right over and put her arm around me and said that nobody was hurt (I could see Ursa's OOMA's truck had been involved in some way). I could see Ursa and OOMA, but it was nice to be assured that nobody was hurt. Not even the white trash idiots in the upside truck. Needless to say, they were speeding (how else do you roll an F150 in a 25mph zone) and drunk (they tried to hide the beer bottles in the back of OOMA's now destroyed truck, but there were witnesses who saw them do it – they were brain trusts). And even though they rolled the truck all of them managed to walk away, although one did get taken to the hospital. They're so smart that one of them mouthed off to the cops and found him whisked off to jail.

Oh, and the skinny piece of white trash who insulted Ursa just got out of jail a week ago and his father is in Iraq. I'll betcha Dad is proud of his son now. Too bad Dad didn't put Son into the army. I'm thinking it might do the punk some good.

I was very thankful that I was not home when this happened because more than likely I would have been parked in front of or behind OOMA's truck and my poor little Focus would have been totaled. And I just paid it off (as did OOMA) and I am looking forward to a good number of years w/o a car payment.

This was a fine Welcome to the Neighborhood, Ursa and OOMA. *sigh* I've lived there since 1989 (save the four years I was in SF) and we've never had anything like this happen before. One of the cops came over to OOMA and thanked him for keeping his cool and not beating the crap of the idiot. We told the cop that cars go flying down our street all the time. I said that they use the turn as a chicane to see how fast they can go. He said to call the traffic division of the police department and tell them about this. I said that I had last year and when I said that people like to do at least 40mph down our street was told "Ma'am, I'm sure they don't." "I'm sure they do." The cop said to call again and to use this accident as an example and get everybody to call. We'll see. The problem is that there's no where for a cop to hide to catch somebody speeding. Still, after yesterday's incredible crash, maybe we can get something. I thought speed bumps would be good, but somebody else said that would just launch the cars. I guess I don't know what the answer is, but I do know that I should probably stop walking down the center of the street in an effort to get people to slow down. It only works if they're not drunk, stupid and complete white trash.

Please note from Ursa's pictures what a beautiful summer evening it was though.


At Tuesday, 21 June, 2005, Anonymous Clarity said...

What an awful experience for Ursa..I was looking at the pictures. How terrible! I hope things get better for her. Thanks for your last note..Yes, I'm a bit insane for trying Absinthe. I didn't realize what I was getting into at the time. I just knew it from "Moulin Rouge" and everyone else was drinking it at the party like it was no big deal. Little did I know.. I can't remember the last time the room spun around, drifted slowly and then faded completely to black. I don't even know how I ended up in that bedroom with Rose. Never again. You live, you learn. Hope you're having a good day!


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