Friday, June 17, 2005

More DSO and Neeme Talk

The Järvi Encore Gala concert last night was beautiful. I'm so glad I got a ticket and went to it. It was supposed to start at 7:00 but there was 20 minutes of presentations and crap (the two women on some sort of committee were the crap part – what a waste of time when I could have been listening to a world class orchestra). I, being the complete freaking wuss that I am, was dabbing at my eyes during all the presentations. The concert was sponsored by Guardian Industries which is owned by Bill Davidson (same little old man who owns the Detroit Pistons). Mr. Davidson was a little busy elsewhere last night, so the president or some other high-falutin' officer from GI was there to present Neeme with some presents – a Pistons jersey with his name and double zero on the back and a Pistons black leather jacket. And then one of the violinists (but not the Concertmistress) gave a little speech (which made me dab my eyes a lot) and then present Neeme with a framed photograph of the orchestra (and I think everybody in the orchestra had signed it) and a limited edition CD of the symphony playing this year. Everybody who could afford the Gala Dinner (that was not me, unfortunately) were also to get the Limited Edition CD and a Neeme Järvi coaster. I'm hoping that some of those people last night decide they don't want the CD and take it to Switched On so I can get my hands on one without paying the exorbitant price of the dinner and champagne reception.

The orchestra finally started playing shortly after 7:20 p.m. but stopped promptly at 8:30 for the Black Tie Overly Expensive Dinner. I was so hoping that they would play the Ginastera from last week, because it was so incredible, but it didn't happen. Neeme's daughter Maarika Järvi joined him on stage for two flute solos. They were very lovely, but I have to say that the flute doesn't do much for me. His youngest son Kristjan conducted two pieces, a very modern Route 66 by Michael Daugherty who was the DSO's Principal Composer for three years and then Stravinsky's Firebird Suite. Talk about energetic. I thought he was going to knock himself off the dais at one point. I really wish Paavo, the eldest son, could have been there just to compare his conducting style to his father's and his younger brother's.

I did not go to the gym yesterday as I was just so exhausted that I decided a nap was a better idea. I did NOT want to fall asleep during the concert (although it wouldn't have happened). Still it was a good excuse to take a nap. I will be back at the gym this afternoon and then I'll be back downtown to Orchestra Hall to see Maestro Järvi one last time as Music Director. Mom is going with me and it'll be interesting to see what time she gets to my house. The woman is notoriously late for everything – which drives me up a freaking wall. She's supposed to be there at 5:45, so that we can go to dinner at Traffic Jam. If I play my cards right I'll eat there three nights in a row and four nights in one week. Keep your fingers crossed!!! Darrell and I went there last night after the concert (since it was over by 8:30) and I had the mac & cheese and soup combo. Something nice and light – or not. And a lovely 40th anniversary pale ale – so incredibly tasty, but I did not need the 22 oz. version – that's for damn sure. Anyway, I'm taking bets on how late Mom will be and what her excuse will be. She's supposed to leave work at 4:30 – but she has trouble leaving when she's supposed to. Then she has to go home, change clothes and drive to my house. Figure 15 minutes to drive home (although I've done it in 9 minutes). She'll be late…there's no doubt in my mind as getting off at 4:30 and needing to be at my house 75 minutes later leaves absolutely no room for error and trust me, Mom always find plenty of crap with which to waste her time.

I love my mother, but I just can't stand when people are late, especially when it's a regular thing. An example is that my Mom is late to church every single solitary Sunday. Mass is scheduled for 9:30. Mom regularly walks in around 9:35 or later. I don't know, but if I were always five to ten minutes late for something weekly, I think I'd say to myself, "Self, perhaps you should leave a little earlier next week." And then FREAKING DO IT!!!!

When Mom got to church this past Sunday (10:30 at Precious Blood, so she had a whole extra hour) she was once again five to ten minutes late. She sat down and said, "Why are you so far back?" I just looked at her and said, "If you had been here on time, YOU could have picked the pew." She just smiled at me and shut up. She knows that I hate that she's always late, but it doesn't seem to do any good.

Next Thursday we're driving to Cleveland for the race and I initially told my Mom to be at my place at 3:00…then while talking to her I revised that and said, "No, make that 2:30." She has the day off, but now that we're not leaving until later in the day, she can go into work (because the woman lives to work, and not have to think about anything) and leave around noon. If she left at noon, I might be more optimistic about her being at my house by 2:30, but I know my Mom. She won't leave at noon. She'll stay until 1:00 or later and then have to race to go home, pack up the car, pick up my nephew and then get to my house by 3:00 p.m., if I'm lucky.

Yes, I know she's my Mom and I should cut her some slack, but to me a person who is always late for stuff is showing a general lack of consideration for others. It says, "My stuff and I are much more important than you and your silly timetable." And it's exceptionally rude.

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, so I'll be a very happy camper. It's long and moppish and hideous. I have to be at Pamela's by noon which means I can sleep in until 11:00 and I need it!!! I’m just so tired. I started out having nothing planned for tomorrow and now I have haircut, make salad for church on Sunday since it's Father's Day, dinner with my friend who is moving to SoCal in about ten days, and then a BBQ at the Candidate's house. I'll probably miss the BBQ portion since I am supposed to be going to dinner at Traffic Jam, but I'll show up after the political types have left and since it's supposed to be a little cool, I'm sure there's going to be a fire. Always a pleasant way to spend a Saturday evening, hanging around a fire chatting with good friends.

I also want to get to Switched On since they're holding some CDs for me. And I put myself down on the list to take a pasta salad to church on Sunday, but I decided to go cheap and easy and take a cucumber/sour cream salad. Cucumbers and one onion equals very cheap. Slicing up said cucumbers and one onion equals quick and easy. Throw on some sour cream and refrigerate. Could I make anything easier? No, I don't think so.

Sunday is the Champ Car race in Portland, OR and I'm supposed to go to a friend's house for a BBQ and to watch the race. I like watching the races with people. It's nice to be able to share my thoughts as they're happening instead of just yelling at the TV. I want people to hear my pearls of wisdom!!!

And on that note, it's time to say TTFN! Have a good weekend!


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