Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Sick Again and Crap

I was particularly lax last week with posting, wasn't I? I was sicker than the proverbial dog. My bloody lungs are pissing me off. Bronchitis twice in ten weeks is a bit much in my book. I went to the doctor to get antibiotics and she gave me something different this time, due to the whole developing immunity shit, and it made me feel worse than the freaking bronchitis. I was awake by 1:15 a.m. Wednesday and could not go back to sleep I felt so nauseous. I finally got up at 4:15 a.m. and came in to work. Got here before 5:00 a.m. I couldn't sleep, so what the hell. My desk was being moved on Friday so I had to pack up all my shit and see what I missed on Tuesday. I also thought I had to get an agenda together for a Friday and Monday meeting, but when I got to work I had an e-mail from the Big Boss reminding me he was on vacation those days and that there would be no meeting. It was a happy time. I went home at noon and that was it for the week. Actually, at noon I went to the grocery store as I was down to damn near no food in the house (which is a pretty common occurrence for me) and then I went to Merchant's as I was out of peanut butter. While there I picked up apple cider vinegar (the homeopathic remedy to all ills) and Michigan honey (to make the apple cider vinegar palatable) and a bottle of My Igor's Hattrick wine.

When I was heading to the doctor's on Tuesday I ran into my neighbor who said that her 90-year old uncle swears by the hot water, apple cider vinegar and honey mixture and I figured that it certainly couldn't hurt to try it. It doesn't taste bad and if it helps, why not? My doctor also called in a new prescription for me on Wednesday and told me not to take anything until Thursday morning to give my stomach a chance to recover. I was more than glad to oblige and by Thursday morning I was not so nauseous. The thing that pisses me off the most about the damn bronchitis is that I missed a full week of working out. I'm leaving for Mexico this Friday (please cross your fingers that I get on the plane) and am going to the beach and I wanted to be in better shape. Oh well. I'm hoping that the stark whiteness of my body and the glare of the sun off of it will keep people blinded to the extra few pounds. *sigh*

I was so sick that I couldn't even be bothered to watch any of my Netflix movies or knit! Now you know that's sick!!!! I'm just glad that that's past me (for now) and last night I got my big ol' butt back to the gym and did an easy hour of cardio and some ab work. My plan is to go every day this week and get at least an hour of cardio in.

My weekend was obviously less than fabulous although I did spend Friday evening at my Grandma's as two of my aunts were in visiting. My one aunt only said one nitpicky thing to me which was a record for her. A few years ago as I was driving her back to Grandma's after taking her to the symphony, she asked when I was going to buy a house. I was a little taken aback as I have never talked about buying a house. I simply said, "I don’t want to buy a house." And her reply was, "You want to live in that dump the rest of your life?" Okay, now I was really taken aback. DUMP? My apt. is not a dump!!! It may be old, but it has style and character and I happen to love it. I said, between clenched teeth, "My apt. is not a dump." She backed off and went with the monetary advantages of owning vs. renting. And I basically ignored her as I do not feel the advantages are for me. I like being able to call Chris when the plumbing doesn't work or whathaveyou. Plumbers and repairmen, in general, cost a shitload of money and then how do you know you found a trustworthy one and all that. I think it's a lot more convenient for me to live in an apt. Besides, I like where I live (walking to work and all) and I know I definitely can't afford a house in this neighborhood. Those are my reasons and that's it. Anyway, my aunt never apologised for calling my apt. a dump, although I know she knows she pissed me off as she mentioned it to my cousin the next morning. Whatever.

Well, my aunt's latest dig at me (and I've heard this a few times now) is "You know, I always hear everybody say how pretty YS (my younger sister) is, but I really think OS (older sister) is gorgeous. She's just gorgeous. Blah blah blah!" This goes on for a good 10-15 minutes while I sit there and think that it's so nice to have a supportive family. She's pulled this at least three times, once on the phone directly to me, and then twice in the midst of big family get togethers. And that's only the times I've been around to hear it. God knows how many times she's gone off w/o me around. Now, you're thinking, Kathleen, she didn't say anything about you being butt-ugly. Well, no, you're right, but don't you think that's kind of implied when she's talking about my two sisters' appearances and how pretty and gorgeous they are, but I'm completely ignored? I don't know. It just seems a little suspect.

Then again, what can you expect from such a rabid, conservative Republican. ;-)

The evening spent at Grandma's was quite pleasant, though, and it was nice to get the hell out of the apartment for a while. I was actually up to knitting by then, so I took the scarf I had been making for my mom and finished it there and gave it to her. She bought a red jacket last winter and I decided she needed a red scarf. I made her a nice 2x2 rib out of Lion Brand Glitterspun Ruby and Fun Fur. It turned out quite nicely and really brightened up Mom's face. Mom has a tendency to try to fade into the background and wear beige and shit-ass colors like that. I do my best not to allow this to happen and I was really quite pleased with the red on her. It really gave her some color.

The Republican Aunt from Hell (RAfH) likes pinks and purples and colors like that and so when I finished Mom's scarf I started a Paton's Twister in Fruit Loops for her. She was wearing a pink shirt at the time that matched EXACTLY! Scary. Anyway, while I was working on that YS came in and asked if I had any light colored fun fur as one of her patients or co-workers had bought a $10 fun fur-esque scarf at Hallmark and it was falling apart. I didn't, but went to Michael's Saturday morning and picked up two skeins of Ivory fun fur and knitted the scarf up while watching The Cooler (I love William H. Macy) and The Iron Giant. I took it to church Sunday morning and passed it along. I had finished the Fruit Loops scarf too, so I gave that one to YS to give to RAfH as I wasn't sure I was going to see her and knew YS was.

I had a baby shower to attend for a dear friend and it was a lovely time. I was lame and gave them a Target gift card (as she pointed out she's going to need lots of diapers) and my favorite kids book, The Poky Little Puppy. I had a little trouble finding it at Borders after no luck at all at Target, but I hi-jacked an employee into helping me. The computer said the store had two copies, but it was not overly forthcoming with information as to where in the Children's Section it might be. I bought yarn last week for the baby blanket I'm going to make for the baby. Now to get my butt in gear and start the darn thing. I have until mid-April, in theory. I hope it's so, in actuality!!!!

The shower itself was very nice, as far as these things go. The food was wonderful, especially the white and dark chocolate torte cake-thingy which was so rich that I felt a little ill later, but it was worth it!! YUMMY!!!!!!!

You're all really glad that I didn't post last Thursday night. I was in a *funk* of major order and I was all depressed and shit. I wrote a fabulous depressed entry in my head while lying in bed, but of course, I have no clue now. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. Good to know those feelings don't last forever for me.

*sigh* I was just supposed to have my bi-weekly meeting with the Big Boss. After waiting outside his office for more than 30 minutes, somebody called me over to his desk and while I was answering his questions, the door opened and someone else snuck in on me. And I really need to talk to the Man. Very frustrating!!!

Guess that's it for now...things to do, people to see.


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