Monday, February 21, 2005

No Job Rant and My Top Celebrity Crushes of all time

I started off this entry with a rant about my job, but then decided that it would be smarter not to post it, since I read about a number of people who lost their jobs by talking about the jobs in their blogs/diaries. So, trust me that I'm in a ranting mood and pretend I wrote about it.

Clarity has come up with some great lists over the past year and I'm stealing some ideas from her (so that you're not stuck reading about my very busy, but not exciting, weekend).

Top Ten Celebrity Crushes:

Although I was very diligent about watching The Brady Bunch every Friday night, I do not remember having a crush on any of them. I thought Bobby was too young, Peter, too middle child and Greg just didn't do it for me (whatever that means to a 7-year old). And I might have equated him with my own older brother, and that would definitely work against poor ol' Greg who would probably be heartbroken to know that I did not have a crush on him.

The first person I remember having a crush on was Bobby Sherman. I remember fighting over his single from the back of the Honeycombs box with my sister. No clue what that single was, but I remember being highly impressed that they were able to make a cardboard record play! Age? 8 maybe?

Randolph Mantooth from Emergency! I absolutely loved that show and would watch it every Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. Hell, a few years ago TVLand played it and I watched every episode all over again and thought that he was still cute.

Starsky from Starsky & Hutch. I've always been a dark-haired, dark-eyed man kind of woman. Blondes have never been high on my list. It was all about Paul Michael Glaser.

Gopher aka Fred Grandy from Love Boat. I never ever understood why Doc got all those women. I thought Gopher was much cuter. I thought maybe it was an adult thing, but now that I'm an adult I still don't get it. I'd go after Isaac before I'd go after Doc. No offense, Doc. Of course, knowing that Gopher is now a Republican congressman from Iowa (or somewhere in the middle of the country) has killed my crush for him. I could never love a Republican.

Patrick Duffy from The Man from Atlantis and, of course, Dallas. I only saw the first season of Dallas as I think school got in the way. I thought he was *soooo* cute.

I went through a Celebrity Crush drought during high school and college as I watched very little TV in those days (too busy working and doing homework), so I missed a lot of the 80s TVs and movies.

Richard Dean Anderson from MacGyver. I, unfortunately, didn't discover MacGyver until it was almost in syndication, so even though according to the 80s TV Shows website the show started in 1985, I didn't develop my crush until the 90s. I still think he's way cute, but haven't indulged in the Stargate G-1 show. I'm not really a sci-fi kind of girl ā€“ guess my crush is over, eh?

Sam Elliott from Fatal Beauty and Mask. I normally don't go for guys with mustaches but there's something about him. I still think he's a handsome man, but I have scruples. Once I discover a guy is married, he's off my Crush list. Since he's married to Katharine Ross (from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Donnie Darko), I've had to end my crush on him. Hmm, interesting, Sam Elliott was in Butch Cassidy too. I wonder if that's when they met.

Johnny Depp. I think he needs no explanation. And no, I wasn't a 21 Jump Street fan, although my sister was. I watched it much later (again, probably the 90s) and even then I had standards. I'd say I developed my crush on Johnny Depp after Benny & Joon. And I've always admired him as an actor as I never thought he sold out and played to his hotness. I mean, did we see Richard Grieco doing Edward Scissorhands?

Damn, two more. This is tougher than I thought. Now that Iā€™m old, I have a tendency to see movies because I admire the actor's abilities, and don't really have "crushes" on any of them.

I'm going to stop at 9, just because I can't think of any others. And the #1 Crush (even though he's #9 on this list) is Peter Wingfield who played Methos, the oldest immortal in Highlander: The Series. And since that page informs me that he is (was?) in Stargate SG-1, I might have to check that out. Two of my all-time hotties in one show???? And it looks like he was in Catwoman. I might have to check that one out, after all ā€“ even though I hear it was not good. Still, any opportunity to see Peter Wingfield must be taken.

And with that I'm going to stop for the day and will work on the other lists that I stole from Clarity at another time.


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