Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Hockey is canceled - and Bettman still sucks canal water

Yesterday I had my one-on-one training session-dealie-thingy with Brandon at the gym. He's not a personal trainer, per se. We met and discussed what my goals are: To be SKINNY again (and that does mean losing weight, in my book). He figured out what my exercise pulse should be based on my resting heartbeat/pulse. And I'm supposed to check that throughout my exercise routines. No more treadmill for 45 minutes for me. He wants me to go between the machines: treadmill, elliptical, rower and even Stairmaster (once we determined it didn't bother my knees too much). Then he took me to the weight machines and showed me how to use the ones I need. To start I'll be two sets of 12 reps and after a month move up to three sets. I am a big ol' wuss, that's all I'm going to say about the amount of weight I'll be lifting. Pathetic. And then he showed me some ab and lower back work using the big balls. Those weren't so bad. The question will be if I remember how to do them. And then it was stretches time. I really need to write them down, because I know me, I won't remember them. Thankfully, he said I could bother him anytime and he'll help me.

I'm going to try to go to the gym Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. It seems (at least this week and last week) that I'm giving myself Wednesdays off, but who knows if that will continue and I'll start giving myself Thursdays off. Hard to say.

There was a step aerobics class happening in the classroom while I was there last night and I told Brandon that it was intimidating. The people in the class all seem to know what they're doing and nobody stumbles or looks foolish, whereas I'm certain I'd manage to trip over the damn step thing and fall and kill myself. He said that he's taking over the aerobics classes (scheduling of them) and that he's thinking of implementing a beginners class. That sounded good to me, because there's no way in hell I'd go to the step class that was happening yesterday. No way, Jose!

Today I'm heading straight to church after work because we have to finish our Parish Evaluation Inventory (PEI) and submit it by the end of the month. I think we got lackadaisical about it, after doing the first sections as soon as we got the crap, because we realised that it doesn't matter what we do or submit the Archdiocese of Detroit will shut us down. It's sad and depressing. I've gone through the Anger phase, perhaps by November when it happens I'll have reached Acceptance – maybe.

In the meantime, I guess I'll just value the time I have left with my beloved church family and maybe we can join up with Precious Blood and that they're equally lovely people. And actually if this merging thing means we lose MC, our pianist/choir director, I can't say it'd be all bad. The woman drives me up the bleedin' wall. She's a complete authoritarian dictator controlling know-it-all freak. And now I discover that she's writing her own Mass, which means she routinely makes us sing her version of the different parts of the Mass. We did the Lamb of God this past Sunday and it was not good. I must confess that it was not as bad as I expected it to be when I saw her name on the sheet, but I still prefer one of the traditional Lamb of Gods. She's even written her own Gloria, and I'm dreading that day. I hope she drags it out the third Sunday of March as I'll be in Mexico. ;-) According to one of the guys in the choir, it's a sign of prestige or some such thing to write your own Mass and get it played at another church. Well, I figure there's no way in Hell, it'll get played at another church (unless MC has incriminating pictures of the choir director/organist), but I'm sure she thinks she's brilliantly talented musically. Hell, she used to sing until Father told her that her talents might lie elsewhere. He's so nice. I wanted to tell her that her "singing" sounds like cats in heat fighting in the backalleys, but I'm too much of a wuss.

Now, if I could just get rid of my headache. I had one last Wednesday too, which makes no sense to me. I've already taken drugs to no avail. I hate headaches!!!


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