Wednesday, February 16, 2005

News Stories and my take on hockey (because I know you all care)

Good ol' NorthWorst is at it again. I so hope nobody is flying NWA (*snigger) this weekend as they're predicting more "un/misrouted" luggage. I guess I need to give them props for NOT our luggage during our interminable day at McNamara-ville oh so many weeks ago. Why does anybody fly them? Seriously, I'd rather fly Southwest and stop in every Plains state city than get on a "non-stop" NorthWorst flight.

At least the Archdiocese of Detroit has one radical, left-leaning Bishop. Too bad the Church is probably going to make him retire this year – can't have someone who actually thinks for himself and isn't ultra-conservative. If they close down my church I might just head over to St. Leo's. A college friend of mine goes there with his family. Speaking of church closings, we have our last meeting to finish our PEI (I don't even remember what it stands for anymore, other than Prince Edward Island) on Wednesday evening. I haven't looked at my red folder since December, but I guess I'm prepared for the inevitable. We're even having members from another church in on Saturday to meet and discuss melding our two churches together. *sigh* I'm sure they're lovely people.

And I loved this story about a man who blasts the NHL's lockout in his obituary! Good for you, Archie! I still say the best thing the owners could do is to fire Gary Bettman and for the players to fire Bob Goodenow. Then maybe some progress could be made, but I'm afraid that the season isn't worth saving at this point. A 28-game season? To determine the playoffs? Puhleeze. The teams that had the most players playing over in Europe would be set the best as their players would be in game shape. I think it could end up being a laughingstock and it's just best to come to a deal which includes canceling this season and starting up new and fresh next year – although this really sucks for players who are at the end of their careers, i.e., Steve Yzerman, Chris Chelios, Jeremy Roenick, etc. Not to have a chance to say Good-bye would be a shame for the players themselves (not to be able to thank the fans) and for the fans. At the very least, a Farewell Game should be planned a la the Russian tradition which is just a brilliant idea!

Well, yesterday the NHLPA (Players' Union) finally gave in on the salary cap and suggested a $52 million cap. The owners have said all along that they wanted a $40 million cap. Hmmm, that's a $12 million difference. Now, normal people would say, Okay, we're as close as we've been in years, let's split the difference and make it a $46 million cap. But no, the owners came back with a firm (they say) $42.5 million and the NHLPA counteroffered with $49 million. *sigh* Give me a break, people!!!! SAVE THE GAME!!!!! I don't really care about the season at this point, because I really think a 28-game season to set up the Stanley Cup playoffs to be a tad ridiculous, but I really think that if they don't do it today (deadline 11:00 a.m., with press conference set up at 1:00 p.m. EST by the idiot Gary Bettman to announce the cancellation of the season), I fear that they won't continue to negotiate and they won't start up again until the 2005-06 season is supposed to start and it'll be déjà vu all over again!

Of course, I found myself watching an OLD Tigers last night, so I guess I'll take a lame-ass 28-game season. The TV Guide channel (it's Comcast so why do I think it's accurate?) told me there was going to be Classic NHL on, but it was "Classic" baseball. I really don't think that a Tigers game from last year can be considered Classic. I'm assuming they chose a game that the Tigers won, but I didn't stick with it that long. It's sad but with no hockey I am actually looking forward to the baseball season!!!! That hasn't happened in a good 20-25 years. Sad.


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