Thursday, March 03, 2005

Bitter cold, sucky cafeteria, nice long meetings

-4˚F – that was the temp when I walked in this morning. I had been prepared for it though by listening to the weather on WWJ NewsRadio 950. I put on my big-woolly-not-so-attractive-but-keeps-my-head-and-ears-really-warm-hat and my big Cabelas jacket. I wasn't stylin' but who cares! I was as warm as I was going to get for the walk in to work. My issue with -4˚F is that it's MARCH, people! MARCH!!!! I can deal with negative temps in January and even February, but MARCH??? I don't live in Alaska or even the Upper Peninsula! It's just plain wrong.

The cafeteria here at work sucks so incredibly badly that I'm certain that I get more nutritional value out of a bag of Cheetohs. And I know the bag of Cheethos isn't going to get me sick (and will taste good), which is not always a given with the cafeteria's idea of food. I generally try to avoid it, but I haven't been to the grocery store in a very long time and even ran out of peanut butter yesterday morning. I got eggs and hash browns this morning against my better judgement as the last time I got the eggs I was running to the ladies room every half hour or so. I thought that that had been a fluke though (it was MONTHS ago), but it apparently wasn't. I'm feeling quite nauseous. For this particular cafeteria, it's two strikes and you're out.

I heard on the radio this morning that a U.S. based Wall Street buyout firm and a sports advisory company met with the NHL owners yesterday and offered them $3billion for the entire NHL team network (for want of a better term) or $100 million per team. I went looking to get more information, and I'm not quite sure what they think that will accomplish, but all 30 teams of the NHL need to agree for the deal to be consummated. I don't know. I do NOT see Mike Illitch selling the Red Wings, although I can see Chicago or Boston or Atlanta being willing to sell their individual teams (the owners, not the cities, although I can't imagine Atlanta cares too awfully much). There's no explanation in the article of what these two companies would do once they owned the entire league. And this was at the invitation of Gary Bettman??? Just one more reason to fire the freaking loser asshole dickhead moron. I stand firm on my decision (as if it were mine to make) to fire Bettman and the NHLPA's freaking loser asshole dickhead moron, Bob Goodenow. Those two hate each other!!!! They are never going to negotiate and accomplish something. It's time to cut our losses and get rid of them. Yes, I've been saying that since last August or September, but how can anybody not agree with me seven months later with the season canceled and no apparent progress on a new CBA?

I'm so lucky. I have a THREE hour meeting today – from 10:00-1:00. Yup, you read that correctly, right through lunchtime. I'm planning on taking my nutritious bag of Cheetohs in with me to tied (or is it tide?) me over until 1:00 when I'll heat up my leftover lunch from Tuesday. I'm serious. I'm going to the grocery store sometime this weekend and I'm buying food and I will be bringing my lunch with me every day!!! I might even get to the fruit market and buy fresh fruits and veggies.

I had my Fitness Evaluation last night at the gym. I was not (and still am not) pleased with the results. It doesn't matter that I've been saying I'm cow for the past year, it matters that some scientific numbers proved it!!! And I don't like it. I guess it's a good thing I decided to start going to the gym, and get myself a program to follow. I've lost 7 pounds since the beginning of the year, so that's not bad. Just 20 more by June 1. That's my deadline. I'll try not to bore you all senseless with a pound-by-pound, blow-by-blow description of my progress, but I'll keep you posted if I fit into my old work pants!!! I know you're all dying for that day!!!


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