Thursday, March 24, 2005

Mexico and Shingles

Diaryland was up, but before I could finish typing up the account of my past week, my POS computer decided to lock up and I lost everything I had written. And now my keyboard is making strange noises. Have I mentioned previously how much I hate this computer? And how my next computer is going to be a MAC? And if this POS continues the way it is acting, it'll be sooner than I want it to be.

And since I lost my entire entry and I don't feel like re-typing it (this is why I like to type it in Word - which I don't have, thanks to this POS computer), I'm going to give the Readers Digest Condensed version.

I went to Mexico. Had a great time, laid in the sun, got quite the golden tan, came home, found out that the muscle spasms that I had been having since Saturday night/Sunday morning were not due to the rock hard mattress, but because I managed to get shingles. I now understand the pain that my mother has been going through for the past 5-6 weeks. The only time I'm semi-comfortable is the first two hours or so after taking the Vicodin, and I can't take another one until 8 hours. Time to go and sit on the couch which is infinitely more comfortable the folding chair I use at my computer...and wait for diaryland to let me post this!!!


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