Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Sick Sick Sick

Bloody hell, I'm sicker than a freaking dog. Even my beloved Alka-Seltzer Cold/Cold & Cough NightTime isn't able to touch this one. I'm so tired of my nose running and my left eye watering and generally feeling like complete shit. The only way I can get anything done, like knit a couple of rows or even nap is to shove a tissue up my nose. It's pathetic and disgusting and I just want it to end.

And to top it all off my friend McCoy is coming to visit from the Bay Area tomorrow. I warned her that she would be entering the Cold from Hell Zone, but she still wanted to come. I think she's crazy, but I hope I feel better enough to go to Don's party on NYE and Glen and Julie's on NYD. I'm too sick to link to their blogs, so deal with it.

If anybody has some fabulous cold remedies out there, please let me know as mine have failed me miserably.

*no hugs as I don't want to get anybody else sick*


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