Tuesday, December 07, 2004

More Fun Times from My Life

Greetings all. So much to tell you all about, but where to begin? The weekend is a blur, and I didn't even really drink. Friday I had a dentist's appt. I changed dentists this time around because I got a new dental care provider and my old dentist wasn't a member and the woman right across the street from my apt. is. My appt. was at 11:00 so I got there a few minutes early since I knew there would be New Patient Paperwork to fill out. Thankfully, I took a book with me (as I'm wont to do) as I didn't get called until 11:40 and then the dentist didn't come in until close to 12:00. I love sitting in the dentist's office listening to the local radio soft rock station which started playing Christmas songs 24/7 back before Thanksgiving. (For the record, the last statement should be read with a HUGE amount of sarcasm. And if I don't know you, use a really cool sexy voice as mine.) ;-)

The dentist did apologise for making me wait but she had an emergency that morning. I told her it was fine as I never go to doctors' or dentists' offices w/o something to read or my knitting. I find knitting is better just in case your doctor is one of those who has a loud obnoxious TV in the waiting room. I have trouble concentrating when talk shows are screaming at me, but I can tune them out when knitting.

I went to see the DSO Friday night with one of my all time favorite people. I picked her up and she had lovely vegetarian grape leaves, lentil salad and tabbouleh for dinner ready for me. We had a nice repast and then knitted away until it was time to head downtown. The program was an all Bach program, CPE Bach, Johann Christian Bach and Johann Sebastian Bach. Quite quite beautiful!!! I don't own much Bach, but I'm thinking I should broaden my horizons. When it was over we went back to her house where we knitted and chattered away until 1:00 a.m. I am almost done with the black scarf I'm making for my sister's Christmas present (she better not have found this place).

I had had a brainstorm during the symphony Friday night, so as soon as I woke up (I slept exceptionally badly Friday night) I called Martha to see if there were any reason why we could not go to the Lansing yarn store that day instead of Sunday as I had to be back here in Dearborn by 4:00 for a dinner extravaganza. She agreed that she had nothing else going on, so the next person to contact was Soyon. Problem here is that I knew there was no way that Soyon was up at 9:30, so I had to wait to call her. I finally called her at 10:30 and got the answering machine, so I left a message and then called her cell phone where I also left a message. It all worked, mostly. I picked Soyon up at 1:00 and we were on the road to Lansing by 1:06, but then got caught in the most hideously stupid traffic jam in Novi. I HATE TRAFFIC JAMS!!! Especially construction traffic jams where they shunt all the traffic down to one lane (far left, using shoulder) for a full mile while TWO men in two separate trucks work on the far right lane. It took and hour and fifteen minutes to get through it. Martha was waiting patiently at a carpool parking lot in Howell for us. I have huge issues with cops who sit on the other side of a construction zone waiting to nail people for speeding. Thankfully the one I saw got somebody else. And I have huge issues with people who think it's appropriate to drive on THE SHOULDER in order to pass people who have been sitting in said traffic jam for an hour. You can bet big bucks that that fucker didn't get past me or in front of me. Unfortunately the poor guy behind me was suffering from an overheated car and he left room, so the jackass got in behind me. I just can't believe the nerve of people. Once we got Martha the rest of the trip was smooth-going. We stayed at the yarn store until about 6:30. I had such a headache that I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do, so I ended up spending zero dollars at my favorite yarn store. The good news was that Soyon and Martha both loved it, so we have two more converts to the goodness of the Lansing yarn store. Woohoo!!!

I just love that store. Specifically I adore Rob and Matt!!! Matt saw me from the back of the store and yelled, "Hello, Kathleen." I waved and yelled, Hello Matt back at him. And I told him that I really want to join their Thursday night charity knitting event, but driving to and from Lansing in one night is not such a fabulous idea I didn't think. Matt said that once they get the guest room done in their house I could drive over on Thursday after work, join the charity knitting group and then spend the night and the entire Friday knitting away! How fun does that sound??? I'm so excited!!! And with Martha going away on me next year for six months I won't have a Thursday night drinking partner, so I might as well head off and get some quality knitting done!!!

I'm apparently not allowed to talk, per Julie, about Sunday as I had dinner at Jason's with a few other people. So, I won't discuss the various wines, appetizers, soup, main courses or dessert, or even the world's most fabulous mashed potatoes. Oh wait, forget I said that…really, the food sucked royally. It's best that all future invitations to dine with Jason are foregone…in the hopes that he'll re-invite me. ;-)

As I was out eating myself into another dress size Sunday night I have not yet seen The Five People You Meet In Heaven. I have it taped, so I hope to watch it soon. I could have watched it last night, except that City Confidential and American Justice were on A&E and they were new (to me) episodes. And then there were four straight episodes of Forensic Files on Court TV. I can't help it, I love seeing people who think they've gotten away with a crime get caught, even 26 years later!!! And tonight is definitely an A&E night as Cold Case Files should be on right after American Justice.

Oh yeah!!! My sister called me on Saturday to let me know that Wanda and Winky have been saved!!! The AZA caved to the pressure of the general public who wrote in and signed petitions and have agreed to let them be sent to the California PAWS Animal Rescue! And they did the same for the San Francisco Zoo's elephants. Woohoo!!!!


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