Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Listing for Christmas Projects

I didn't get a chance to update yesterday as I was busy at work as it was my last day for the year. After last year I thought I was going to do a better job of using up my vacation time but I did not. But it's not a bad thing as I have SO MUCH to do to get ready for Christmas.

I have been knitting like a mad woman and I am accomplishing quite a bit. I had to take a break though since I had an e-mail from some sweet person telling me that s/he missed my updates.

I have no DSO concerts this month since they concentrate on Christmas type events. I'm not complaining as I've been doing other things. Okay, I've mostly been knitting, so not that many other things. ;-)

Let's see what I've accomplished:

Deanna's poncho and matching scarf
Meg's third scarf
Annalise's scarf (I'll teach her to make fun of my knitting. She's only going to get knitted goods for the rest of her life.)
My cousin Maureen's boyfriend John's scarf (finished that today)
Cousin Leah's scarf

I'm now working on my cousin Garrett's scarf and between now and Friday I have to start and finish 2 rosaries, a scarf for BIL and cousin, and of course, finish Garrett's scarf, and I need to get to the bead store before I even get started on the rosaries as I'm out of jump rings.

Tomorrow though I'm going to lose a fair amount of time as I'm picking up my friend Chris at the airport and then we're having lunch at Cheli's. I'm planning on getting up early and getting to the stores before I pick him up, as I need to get to The Body Shop and Yankee Candle at the mall, as well as Target. After lunch I drop Chris at the mall and then I head to the bead store. I hope to finish one of the rosaries tomorrow night.

So, tomorrow I break my vow of not going to the mall during December. *sigh* I'm hoping to get in and out fast as I know exactly what I want. Thankfully, Yankee Candle and The Body Shop are near each other, so it shouldn't be too horrendously awful! Keep your fingers crossed!!!

Other than the usual stuff this weekend (you know, Christmas Eve and Christmas Proper), the fun and excitement will be on Sunday when I attend the Grand Opening (by invitation only) of my friend's second sushi restaurant. I RSVPd today so I'm there! I even get to take a guest. I asked Martha but she won't be home from visiting her parents yet. I then invited my friend Darryl (whom I would have invited first by he lives in the Chicago area now and has no vacation time since he just started work within the past six months) and he so wants to go! My mom was sitting a couple of feet away and she could hear his response. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he is able to go as he loves my friend's restaurant and genuinely enjoys sushi. He might even like it as much as Clarity. And if Clarity weren't in Germany, I'd have invited her, because I want to take someone who will appreciate it.

Well, I guess I need to end this break. Gotta get back to Garrett's scarf. So much to do, so little time!!!


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