Thursday, May 18, 2006

This Corrosion

As regular readers know I've been going through my CD collection in an effort to find those perfects songs with which to make a mixed CD for friends. This morning I remember that one of my all time favorites songs is Madam Butterfly by Malcolm McLaren, so I grabbed it from its place in my CD collection (alphabetical, of course) to listen to at work. I'm keeping track of how long each song is, so if I ever figure out how long a CD is, I'll know if I have too many songs or whatever. I knew I was putting it on the Atmospheric/Mellow/Not Angry CD, that was a given. I haven't listened to the CD in forever, so even though Madam Butterfly is the first song of the Fans album, I decided to listen to the whole CD because I remembered it as being completely sucky and I wanted to see if my opinion had changed. It hadn't. The only decent song is Madam Butterfly. The rest of the album sucks so badly it's mind-boggling. As the review at points out, "Look for the 12" single instead." Too true! What a complete waste of effort the other six or so songs are.


At Thursday, 18 May, 2006, Anonymous Smed said...

I never ever trusted him. Swindle, indeed! And he allowed little Annabella Lwin to sing "Louis Quatorze" and "Wild In The Country' when she was jailbait, even in Britain. Ah, but he's a scoundrel!

At Thursday, 18 May, 2006, Blogger Jason said...

The 12" is great. One of my favorites. The full-length definitely has a bunch of crappy filler.

At Thursday, 18 May, 2006, Blogger Glen said...

And it all comes full circle as the new Sophia Coppola film will be about Marie and Louis AND feature Bow Wow Wow songs remixed by none other than Kevin Shields. Tis true!

At Thursday, 18 May, 2006, Blogger Scott said...

It seems no matter how many of my favorite songs in one collection, I get sick of them just the same. It's like eating away the lollypop for the toosie roll in the middle.

At Friday, 19 May, 2006, Blogger Kathleen said...

Smed - I listened to The Great Rock 'n Roll Swindle yesterday looking for a song to include on my mixed CDs and had no luck - Sid singing My Way is too cliche!

Jason - I'd even go so far as to say suck-ass filler!

Glen - Ooooh! That's pretty cool.

Scott - I don't think I'll ever tire of Madam Butterfly.


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