Thursday, May 04, 2006

Turn Blue

It's very exciting today. I have worn a skirt and nobody has said anything, except one woman who asked why I was all dressed up. Yup, wear a skirt with the exact top that you wore last week with a pair of slacks/pants and today you're "dressed up." I told her that I'm hating all of my clothes which she of course understood. I have no plans for Saturday or Sunday, so maybe I'll go shopping. Although I'm feeling fat, so shopping this weekend is probably not the smartest thing, as we all know if you go shopping when you feel fat, you end up hating everything you try on and just feel more fat. Yup, I'll stay home and keep my butt firmly planted on the couch.

I had luck at the New Balance store yesterday and got a new pair of running shoes (ah ha, yeah, like I run with my knees, feet and lungs) which are sadly very much white with "raspberry." I'm sorry but raspberry is just a fancy word for "pink" which is a color I normally avoid like the plague. Still, they were the most comfortable shoes which meant that I didn't feel like my foot was coming out of it as I walked. I think this means I have to be good and get my tuchas back to the gym. I did go on Monday and 40+ minutes on the elliptical. Woohoo!

The YS had a very successful shoe shopping trip yesterday (I don't consider mine successful as I bought gym shoes and not cute shoes). She bought FIVE pairs of sandals!!! Two pairs were just very cute flip-flops, two were very cute dressy black sandals (but not too dressy) and the fifth pair was the pair we were officially hunting for, but she officially hates. YS has a wedding in Saturday and this very cute springy dress of pastel-y (but not too pastel-y) blues (teals, turquoise, etc.) and some brown. Hence, the need for brown shoes. Well, all the perfect shoes didn't come in brown. The pair she got are perfect, except that she hates them. I found nothing as I wear a size 7 which is apparently the most popular size or DSW just doesn't care much in that size. There were only two clearance racks of size 7s and they were all pretty much butt-ugly. Tons of cute shoes in the 7.5 – 8 range but they were obviously too big. Pisser!

After DSW, we went to Michael's so I could make YS pick out the color she wanted for some potholders and a dishcloth – tres exciting, non? Then it was on to Famous Footwear where they had a display area right in front with Chucks! Ooooh!!!! Yeah, I got excited for nothing. They didn't have my size in the ones I needed. Yes, needed!

After Famous Footwear it was on to Marshall's and then Payless – no luck. YS ran into Kohl's quickly where she found the PERFECT sandal which happened to come in every color but brown, of course. I was done with shoe shopping at this point so I was very glad that it was time for SUSHI!!!! The best part about sushi for dinner is that I spoil myself and get sushi to bring for lunch and that is awaiting me. Yay!!!

Yesterday I added six more songs to the Mixed CD list I'm compiling. I'm a little nervous that the list is a little too 80s/New Wave-esque. I do have a few off the wall pieces of music I'm definitely going to add, though. I just hope that I have some music that Smed doesn’t have as he seems to have every single CD ever pressed!

I've come up with three electronic devices that I really really want. I normally don't covet electronics, but at some point I will get rid of the POS home computer (much to MW's relief, so he doesn't have to hear me bitch about it anymore), get myself a digital camera (you all want to see pics of my cats, right?), and an MP3 player which would make this whole mixed CD thing easier – at least I think it would from reading Smed.

If I hadn't been 20 miles away eating sushi with the YS last night I could have gone up to my favorite bar and hung (in theory) with the Red Wings. I got a phone call (which I missed, not that I would have answered it while eating dinner anyway) telling me that all the Red Wings were at the bar two blocks from my house. Of course, if I had been home, I would have been in comfy clothes and glasses and no make-up and wouldn't have gone up anyway. I'm not very good at the groupie thing. Besides, what the hell would I have said? "Hey Shanny, I hope they let your ass go" "So, Stevie, you going to retire like everybody is predicting?" "Manny, did you really bad mouth the team to the point where everybody was pissed at you?" *sigh*

If I have figured out the next round of the playoffs correctly (yeah, I could go look, but what fun is that?) the Sharks will be playing Edmonton – Go Sharks while Anaheim takes on Colorado. Normally, I'd be saying Go Ducks! but I feel a little softening towards the Avs for some reason (Heather, perhaps?). I won't go so far as to say that I want them to win the Cup – because that would be an out and out lie, as I'm rooting for the Sharks! Go TEAL! ;-)

That was the Western Conference (asshat Bettman) where the four lowest seeds won their series. For the Eastern Conference (dumbass Bettman), the top four seeds won their series which I think means the next round match-ups are as follows: Ottawa vs. Buffalo & New Jersey vs Carolina. I'm definitely rooting for the Hurricanes as I haven't gotten over my dislike of the Devils. When it comes to Buffalo vs. Ottawa, I'm fairly ambivalent. I should be rooting for the Sens as I've always liked them and hated seeing them beat by Toronto every season for the last five years (or whatever it's been) but there's the Hasek Factor to figure in. So, I guess I won't be too sad if Buffalo does it. I think a Carolina vs California Stanley Cup Finals would be hilarious. I know it'll piss off a lot of people, but that's probably why it amuses me. At least when it comes to the Sharks, I can say that those fans deserve it as they have supported the team staunchly over the years.

How's that for three paragraphs?


At Thursday, 04 May, 2006, Blogger MW said...

Kathleen: "How's that for three paragraphs?"

MW: Aw, darn! You beat me to it!


At Friday, 05 May, 2006, Blogger Kathleen said...

MW - I was expected this from you. ;-)

At Friday, 05 May, 2006, Anonymous Woof said...

Yes, you do need to root for the Hurricanes - although the UNC faithful have a problem sometimes, the red reminds them too much of NC State. ;-)


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