Monday, May 15, 2006

Something Wild

Last week was an exhausted week. I didn't do anything in particular, I was just damn tired all week long. I finally figured out that it's probably due to my allergies, which made me oh so happy because essentially there's nothing I can do about it. Yay!

I didn't go to the funeral for Javon on Saturday morning as I was just so bloody tired. Mom represented, though, so it was all good. She was weirded out by the kids taking pics of Javon in his casket with their cell phones. Mom's old school.

Other than Saturday for two hours, I had ZERO time to myself this past weekend. Friday was the symphony and it was lovely. The first piece was extremely interesting, Britannia by James MacMillan who also conducted that evening. Hmm, according to his bio, his present contract end Sept. 2006 which would make him available for the DSO's position. I liked his conducting style and have to admit that listening to a Scotsman talk is never a problem for me! His hair on Friday night was MUCH longer than the picture shown at his bio page. The Mozart was Mozart. The Elgar was quite enjoyable, so I might need to pick it up.

Saturday I had a b-day party for a 1-year-old to attend. It was a lovely party with a ton of food. Unfortunately (for my aching joints), it was held outside which meant the garage since it was raining. It was cold and rainy and miserable, but it was nice to stand and chat with the friends who were there. This whole getting old thing sucks though. After standing for a couple of hours, I went to go into the house and say Good-bye and found my joints a little tight and unwilling to work. I couldn't wait to get in my car and crank the heat. I hope the birthday girl enjoyed her new books as I had to leave for the sake of my knees before they got that far.

Saturday night was the Farmington Community Chorus' Spring Concert. A friend sings with the chorus and I've been going with Mom and YS for a number of years, although I seem to miss the Spring Concert on occasion. It's always worth the time and effort as they are quite fun to watch and listen to.

Attending the concert meant, however, missing the Champ Car race from Houston. I taped it, but haven't had a chance to watch it yet as yesterday was Mother's Day. First was Mass with Mom, YS, Shortstuff and Shortstuff's husband. Mass was painful in that it lasted TWO AND A HALF HOURS!!!!! Anybody who is Catholic knows that Mass is supposed to be an HOUR!!! It was insane. Then we went to brunch with Shortstuff and Hubby (Mom and me). YS had things to do. Then it was time to go to the OS's for pizza and salad in honor of Mother's Day. We also had an ice cream social and I ate too much ice cream with toppings (hot fudge, hot caramel, marshmallow crème, and Heath bar topping. Tonight I'm eating asparagus! I got home around 8:00 p.m. and went promptly to bed and to sleep. I spent the entire day with Mom and she didn't annoy me, except when she insisted on using the word "awesome" three times. It just sounded wrong coming out of her mouth. Besides that the scarf I gave her wasn't really "awesome" at all. It was exceptionally soft and pretty, but awesome was not really accurate, and since I made it I think I would know.


At Monday, 15 May, 2006, Blogger MW said...

Kathleen wrote: "Mom's old school."

I reply: I'm on your mom's side.

At Monday, 15 May, 2006, Blogger Clarity25 said...

haha! Kathleen.. I hate to break it to you, but your scarf probably WAS pretty awesome! If it looked anything like the ones you sent me, then there is no doubt of that!

Sorry you've been so tired lately, I know the feeling.

P.S. My head is doing a lot better. the swelling has gone down, I don't think it was a concussion, but Eric initially had the same fear. But now that I'm doing better, his concern subsided.

I'm simply and plainly a clutz!

At Tuesday, 16 May, 2006, Blogger Scott said...

See, if a Dallas Cowboys game was happening, I would have to pass on the concert. Even preseason! My wife dreads football season.

At Tuesday, 16 May, 2006, Blogger mr. schprock said...

I telling you, I just think it's funny you can go from the symphony to auto racing. I reminds me of the delicate little fairy (with magic wand and wings) in the old SCTV show who drove around in a muscle car with mag wheels.

At Tuesday, 16 May, 2006, Blogger Dave said...

OMG! Mr. Schprock you just gave me a blast from the past! That's Andrea Martin doing Mrs. Falbo in the "Mrs. Falbo's Tiny Town" skits. Who can forget that theme song...and John Candy as Mr. Messenger, her slightly gruff jester of a sidekick?
One of my favourites was when she performed "Folsom Prison Blues" before her captive audience. Then again...the one where she accidentally cooks a goldfish with a magnifying glass and spotlight was pretty good too.
Ahh...the memories.

At Wednesday, 17 May, 2006, Blogger Kathleen said...

MW - I wouldn't do it, but if it's important to them who am I to judge?

Clarity - Trust me, I understand about being a klutz! I walk into walls!

Scott - Someone else had already bought the tix, I wasn't going to blow his $15! That would be rude.

Schprockie - I have a friend who has season tickets to the opera and to the Red Wings!

Dave - I have no clue what you and Schprockie are talking about, but I'm glad you do! ;-)


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