Friday, July 29, 2005

Another Survey Borrowed from Heather


~First Car: 1976 Ford Maverick in chocolate brown with not so attractive tan interior
~First Best Friend: Lisa
~First Crush: Danny Pilot
~First Job: Babysitting, unless you're talking job with tax forms, then it was Burger King.
~First Dwelling that wasn't your parents': Cheap apartment in Inkster with the most incredible fat slob ever. I'll have to make an entry out of this nightmare.
~First Kiss: This guy on whom I had a complete crush in high school. He was the year behind me and had the most incredible blue eyes ever.
~First Computer: Sadly, my first home computer is the POS which I still have and about which I bitch regularly. It's a HP or something.


~Last TV Show: I haven't watched any TV since Tuesday, but I think it was Cold Case Files.
~Last Concert: DSO, but if we're talking rock/modern/popular music, it was Tears For Fears back in November.
~Last Ticket: Five years ago for speeding. For the record, it was also my first ticket. Oh wait, my last ticket was a parking ticket two years ago. I was parked in front of my own apartment, but literally one foot of my trunk jutted past the sign that said No Parking. I WAS PISSED, especially since one particular jackass has had half of his 1980s Cadillac parked past the sign for over a week now and NO TICKET.
~Last Meal: Egg and Cheese Biscuit from the cafeteria at work (only thing they do decently is breakfast)
~Last Card Sent: E-card to my friend Erich who lost his Grandma.
~Last Really Great Nap: A beautiful half hour nap last night after my shower from the gym and before I went out to dinner.
~Last Trip by Air: To Hermosillo, Mexico mid-May


~If you could have lunch with a celebrity, who would it be?
~What's your favorite swear word or phrase? Bloody Hell!
~What's your favorite article of clothing? My Chuck Taylors
~Breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Breakfast
~Red, white, or rosè? White
~Silk or satin? Silk
~In a restaurant - Kids or Smoking? Kids
~Cable or Satellite? Cable.
~Cable, DSL or Dial-up? Cable
~Cat or dog? CATS!!!
~Beach or mountains? This one is tough because I like them both. I like being able to laze on the beach in the sun, but I also enjoy hiking in the mountains.
~If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Haven't exactly figured this out yet. I'm thinking somewhere that it's warm year round and dry.
~For News - Local, Network, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, or The Daily Show? Newspaper
~What would you like engraved on your headstone? Not planning on having a gravestone. I want to be cremated and my ashes scattered from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan in Mexico.


~Slept in your bed: Still Igor.
~Made you cry: Stupid fuckers being mean to me and pissing me off – and it pisses me off worse that I let them get to me.
~You went to the movies with: Um, I can't even remember the last movie I went to in a theatre, much less with whom. Thank God for my datebook. Revenge of the Sith with Jason as he had been unable to go with the group two days prior.
~Yelled at you: Denis, probably, YEARS AGO. I really dislike being yelled at, so I don't recommend that people who want to stay friends with me not to do it, because reminding me of Denis is never a good thing.

Oh wait, there was the complete white trash family at the Zoo this past Sunday. In the Arctic Ring of Life there are signs that request that you not leave the asphalt path as they're growing natural tundra flora stuff and walking on it will damage/kill it. Being the savvy Zoo-goers that we are YS and I were standing outside the Ring of Life on the upper path and could easily see Bahrle playing with Talini in the pool. This incredible conglomeration of white trash which was apparently a family decided that they would leave the path and climb up the little incline and stand directly in front of us so that we could no longer see. I said "You're not supposed to leave the path" but the one person just looked at me and shrugged as if the rules don't apply to them. Then this very broad teenager came and stood directly in front of me, and I simply said, "Well, now I can't see." He turned around and apologized and moved to one side. You would think that would have been the end of it, but after he climbed back down off the delicate tundra flora (mind you all twelve members of this family had left the trail, and not a single one of them looked as if they were related to any of the others – but they all that lovely throwback look as if cousins had married not far down the family tree), he turned around and screamed at me, "HOW DARE YOU?" Needless to say I was a tad taken aback, as he had been relatively pleasant when standing directly in front of me. And how dare I what? Inform people that they are breaking the rules? I'm sorry, but I go to the zoo a lot and I firmly believe rules are there for a reason – like protecting animals and even plants from harm. His mother then turned on me and screamed at me to leave her precious children alone because they had been through the exhibit twice already and hadn't seen a polar bear and she didn't care about rules. They finally left and nobody else who walked by and stopped to see the polar bears felt it was necessary to leave the path to see them.

~Sent you an e-mail: You*Name*It


At Sunday, 31 July, 2005, Anonymous Clarity said...

Yeah, Kat..HOW DARE YOU??. haha..that made me laugh. Some people get so crazed and bent out of shape. You have every right to speak your mind. sheesh. Thanks for your last E-mail, I have a response coming soon..but I just wanted to drop you a hello in your comments section. Let you know I'm thinking about you:).

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