Thursday, July 21, 2005

Three Posts in One Day???!!!!

I was poking around in Nikib's diary and found this survey (which I had seen at Younameit's diary and Clarity's diary) and I decided it was finally time to take it.

My uncle once: was a hippie and is now highly embarrassed of the family portrait with him in long scraggly hair (especially now that his son is looking like a Beatle).

Never in my life: have I shot a gun.

Highschool was the most: incredibly demeaning time of my life.

I will never forget the moment: I found the courage to post at the auto racing chatroom at back in 1995 and met people who are good friends to this day.

I once met: Dan Gurney and damn near swooned.

There is this girl I know: spent years in therapy and realises now that she could go back to work on further issues.

Once at a bar: I danced the night away…oh wait, that was not just once, it was four times a week.

Last night we watched: Well, *I* watched the Tour de France. I'm not sure if Boris and Igor watched, but I think I remember them hanging out in the overly warm computer room.

If only I had: the ability to knit all of the things I want to knit, instead of fucking everything I try up.

Next time I go to church: Fr. O will give the sermon and I'll do the happy dance discreetly in my pew, because the woman who gave it this past Sunday drives me up a freaking wall.

Terri Schiavo: had a husband who loved her and only wanted the best for her. I'm not sure the same could be said for her parents. They might think that, but I think they were doing the things they did for themselves.

When I turn my head to the left: Bill's empty cubicle.

When I turn my head to the right: File folders and my Five Year Anniversary plaque.

You know I'm lying when: You'd have to ask my mother. She can always tell when I lie.

What I miss most about the eighties is: College and the music, most definitely NOT the ex-boyfriend.

If I were a character written by Shakespeare: I'd be Kate, from The Taming of the Shrew.

By this time next year: nothing will be different. I still won't be dating anybody. I'll still be working (hopefully, here) and I'll still be completely obsessed with the Tour de France even though Lance won't be in it.

A better name for me would be: PITA.

If I ever go back to school: This will never happen. There is nothing that I want to study that would get me further along in life, and I don't need to pay people to make me read books on Mexican or ancient history (the only things I am interested enough in to bother with).

You know I like you if: I talk to you easily. If I don't like you, I have a tendency to ignore you. I don't believe in wasting time talking to people I don't actually like.

If I won an award: it'd be a freaking miracle.

Darwin, Mozart, Slim Pickens, and Geraldine Ferraro are: an scientist, a composer, an actor and a politician. Outside of that, I do not believe there is anything that connects them together in any way.

Take my advice: Fly under the radar at work and keep your job.

My ideal breakfast is: Eggs Florentine and hash browns, but I so rarely get them. I have an egg, cheese and biscuit sandwich most mornings these days.

A song I love, but don't have is: "Like a Prayer" by Bigod 20

If you visit my hometown: You will understand why we called it Deadford.

Tulips, character flaws, microchips, and track stars: I honestly have clue what to say here.

If you stay overnight in my house: it best be in the late fall, winter or spring, because it's too damn hot in the summertime!

I'd stop my wedding for: So, not even an issue!!!

The world could do without: war

I'd rather: dance all night long, if only I didn't end up hobbling off the dance floor in pain when I was done.

My favorite blonde is: my two nephews, the cutest little towheads ever!

Paperclips are: cheap!

If I do anything well: it'd be a freaking shock. I suck at everything!

and by the way: I'm the biggest Champ Car you'll ever know!!!!!


At Thursday, 21 July, 2005, Anonymous urs said...

Stop with the "I suck" stuff. SO not the case. I, for one, happen to think you are WONDERFUL. And hell, Bonnie would give her left tit to be you...

At Thursday, 21 July, 2005, Blogger CLIK said...

hello!!!nice bolg!
a kiss from Portugal!


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