Tuesday, July 19, 2005

My weirdass cats and my take on the Tour de France

I'm trying to decide if this is a good deal. Bear in mind that I never wear foundation and can't imagine why I would start now. It just seems like such a good deal, in case, I do decide I need to wear foundation.

One day last week I went to Merchant's Warehouse to get a little dinner from the deli. The "Kathleen" salad was not there, sadly, but I decided to try the brussel sprouts which I decided would make a lovely dinner. Little did I know that Boris would also think that Brussel sprouts would make a nice change from his usual cat food. Crazy cat loved the damn things. I didn't give him a whole one or anything, but would pluck off a leaf and give it to him. He just snarfed them right down! And was very unhappy when I finished off the last one. And then on Saturday I let him lick the bowl I had used for my leftover palak paneer (and I had gotten it medium spicy). He licked it quite clean. My cat has very strange tastes in food. On the other hand, Igor is not a fan of the treat, although last night he did eat one tiny little piece of cheese, but just one. I tried to give him more, encouraged by him actually eating something other than cat food, but he would have nothing to do with it. Of course, moments later I turned to find him eating paper. Yes, I have bizarre cats. One eats brussel sprouts while the other eats paper.

And now on to my Tour de France commentary:

Friday's stage (or was it Thursday's) where Team Discovery (aka Lance's team for those of you not watching) lost Manuel "Tricky" Beltran in a fluke crash in which he hit his head. He tried to continue but after riding for another 30 or so minutes he could remember nothing of the crash and didn't really know where he was. Good call from Johan Bruyneel to pull him from the race. Thankfully he's now fine and it was just a concussion, but Lance takes great pride in having his entire team finish the race and this will be the first year where he doesn't have all of them with him when he rides into Paris (hopefully in the maillot jaune). Another loss on Thursday (I think it was Thursday – I watched Thursday's tape on Friday, so it's hard to remember) was the leader in the Green Jersey contest, Tom Boonen. That bummed me out, just as losing Alejandro Valverde in the White Jersey for Best Young Rider on Saturday made me sad. Thor Hushovd of Norway is now in the Green Jersey (Best Sprinter) and I hope he keeps it. His main competition is coming from Robbie McEwen who pissed me off in Stage 3 when he used his head to keep Stuart O'Grady behind him. Robbie has enough talent not to have to do that, and he did lose all points he had gained that day, but still, it was very unsportsmanlike of him. Therefore, I'm putting all my rooting for the Green Jersey behind Thor Hushovd (besides, Robbie's won it a number of times already). And for the polka dot jersey for the King of the Mountains, I'm hoping that Michael Rasmussen is able to hold on to it, as well as his podium position right now in the GC (General Classification). He lost 2nd place to Ivan Basso on Sunday, but he still have 3rd over Jan Ulrich. Go Michael!

The T-Mobile team on Saturday did something fairly unprecedented in the Tour. One of their riders had taken off from the breakaway group to get an advantage and when he looked back he saw that it was his own teammates who were trying to catch him and bring him back. This is just not done. Teams normally do not chase their own teammates to put them behind. On Sunday when George Hincapie was in the breakaway (along with nobody else who was close enough to Lance in the overall classification to worry about), Team Discovery did NOTHING to bring him back. The team of Ivan Basso did all the work trying to bring the breakaway back because it was more important to him that he not lose his podium position. Anyway, the move by T-Mobile had Paul Sherwen and Phil Liggett guessing that Alexandre Vinokourov would not be part of the T-Mobile team next year after being treated like that. This is just not done in bike racing.

Phil Liggett made me laugh during Sunday's stage when he was talking about a rider, I think it was Michael Boogerd of Rabobank who was in the breakaway with George Hincapie. OLN had put up Michael's statistics, weight, height, hometown, major wins, etc., and Phil said, "And Michael's almost six feet tall." I looked up to see that he was listed at five feet nine inches tall. In whose world is 5'9" almost 6'0"?????

And for Pete's sake, but can Texas please get over themselves? I mean, if Lance were from Michigan (Colorado), Michiganders (Coloradans) would not be in France flying the Michigan (Colorado) flag, they would be waving the U.S.A. flag. They really do think that they are their own country down there. Sure, the Basques are waving the flag of Catalunya, but they also have their very own terrorist organization fighting for independence, so I'm not going to argue with them. Of course, I'd gladly let Texas go and be its own country since then we could get rid of the present President.

And on that note, it's time for me to bail…gotta go the gym and frustrate myself further by working my ass off and not losing any weight.


At Tuesday, 19 July, 2005, Anonymous Suzy said...

My friend Candi swears by those products, especially the mascara. Go for it!

My cat Buddy used to love eating peas. Also Crunchie bars. Go figure. Cats are mysterious (and amusing)!

At Thursday, 21 July, 2005, Blogger Glen said...

Hey, you used snarf!! I love you...let me whisk you off to a baseball game!!


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