Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Apparently there are tons of people out there who are searching for the big event in the latest Harry Potter. I don't get it. If you like the series, then don't you want to find out how it all plays out by READING the book? And if you don't read the books, why would you care what the Big Event is?

So, at any rate, I'm sorry to Julieu for calling her out on this...and thanks for posting a spoiler warning, just in case, you have more than one lunatic HP friend.


At Wednesday, 20 July, 2005, Anonymous Urs said...

Hank may be an IRL lover (misguided soul), but I'd have to say "Nuh-uh" to the conservative thing. He's big into the USO business, but when I saw him speak last year about Dubya, the war, Condaleeza, etc., our views match very closely. Now if only he could get over that IRL thing I would marry him. (Because he's asking 'n' all.)


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