Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Stupid People, Weighing In and Indian Food

This story just broke my heart. It's 2005, people. This is the stuff of 1905 from when people didn't know any better, for whatever reason. What the hell is wrong with people? People nowadays should know better. As Depeche Mode said, "People are people." And the color of someone's skin just shouldn't matter anymore. And to burn a cross outside a baby's room? Wrong, just freaking wrong. And ignorant. And vile. And evil.

Check this out. Those are NOT dolls! Those are CHILDREN! How sick and wrong is that!?

I went back to the gym on Monday and due to the incredibly huge blister on my left heel from me walking all over Toronto in a pair of Chuck Taylors (yes, I know, but they're so much COOLER than regular tennis shoes) that I was only able to do 45 minutes on the treadmill. Yesterday afternoon I did a full hour on the treadmill because I was reading the book Stealing Jesus and trying to make notes at the same time. The treadmill wasn't fabulous for that, and the elliptical was going to be worse, so I just stayed on the treadmill. Instead of underlining key passages, I just put a very sloppy looking asterisk next to parts that I felt were pertinent. I'm really looking forward to the discussion group tomorrow evening. Hmm, the person's house where it's going to be held is near my sushi restaurant. I might have to go out early and get me some sushi! YUM!!!

I weighed myself yesterday. All this bloody exercising that I've been doing since May? Yeah, I've lost a whopping pound and a half. I'm so excited to see some results. Fucking A! The thing is that I'm pretty sure that pound and a half is from me not eating all that much over the weekend as it was just too fucking goddamn hot to eat in Toronto. Will I give up? Probably not, because this way when YS and Mom talk about me being fat, I can say that I have been fucking trying for months and I’m sorry, but I just don't lose weight. And I'm sorry, but when somebody is doing 90 minutes of cardio they should fucking see results, dammit!!!

Tonight I'm going for Indian food with the ever lovely and talented Ursa to thank her for taking care of Boris and Igor (or as she has taken to calling them Malamute and Marmaduke as she was quite impressed with the size of their turds) and taking in my mail while I was gone for a week. It's not completely altruistic, I love me some Indian food and Ursa is the only one I know who likes it. Yay, thank God for Ursa!!


At Friday, 15 July, 2005, Blogger Heather said...

Now I'm hungry...sushi, indian food...


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