Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Contacts, Birthday, Books and Hockey Talk

I absolutely and positively hate my new contacts. I had called the eye doctor last week to say that I was hating them, but as of yesterday she hadn't called me back, so I called once again. She called me back and apologised profusely for not calling (she had been unsure if she could call me at work). She's going to order my old contacts for me and then I believe my eyes will be happy once again. My eyes are weird in that not only do they suck at seeing, but the right one likes this one brand of Acuvue, but my left eye hates all Acuvue, so for that eye I get a real contact, i.e., not disposable. Hard to imagine that tiny little itsy bitsy piece of plastic costs $100, but it will. And it's worth it because I hate this feeling where I want to gouge my eyes out. I'm pretty certain I've rubbed most of my make-up off. Good thing my new glasses are cute, because I will wear them out in public. These suckers will be out of my eyes two seconds after I get home from the gym this afternoon.

I didn't have enough time last night to finish watching the Tour from Sunday as I had to go to dinner to celebrate Ursa's b-day. I went with her and her mom to La Shish and totally overindulged on their fabulous pita bread and the garlic paste. I ate a bit of my salad but that'll be dinner tonight. Our waiter last night was not the world's greatest waiter, but he was pleasant, so even though I didn't get my smoothie for at least a half hour and then he brought me the wrong salad (TWICE, I just accepted the second one as the right one), I'm figuring Ursa's mom didn't cheat him on the tip. She didn't seem the type, knowing her daughter. ;-)

When I got home, I could have watched the Tour, but I really really really wanted to finish the book I was reading. It was a true crime novel, Till Death Us Do Part: A True Murder Mystery written back in the 70s by Vincent Bugliosi (same lawyer who wrote Helter Skelter about the Manson family killings). I had to find out if the two people on trial were found guilty or not. In the book Bugliosi makes his case for capital punishment, but said that if life imprisonment without possibility of parole were available, he would not be as inclined. I'm just thankful that Michigan has Life in prison without possibility of parole and no death penalty. Of course, the case in this book took place in 1966 and even though CA had the death penalty at the time, all death row inmates had their sentences commuted when the Supreme Court said that the death penalty wasn't constitutional. This is why Charles Manson actually comes up for parole every so often. As does/did the guy in the book. I want to do a google search and see if he's still in jail. He better be. All I can find is about the book and the made-for-TV movie. Not helpful.

The weather forecast this morning said that the high temp tomorrow is going to be 74˚F. Only in Michigan can the temperature drop 20 degrees in one day. Trust me, I'm not complaining, at all! I will be thrilled to pieces to have a chance at a decent night's sleep, but usually when there's a drop in temp of 20 degrees people end up sick and with colds. Sure, that's usually in the fall/winter/spring, but why can't it happen in the summer? Our bodies adjust (as well as possible) to the 90˚F heat and 95% humidity and then all of a sudden, it's a livable temp and our bodies rebel. If I get a cold I'm going to be pissed!!!

And oh yeah, thanks to the Detroit Red Wings organization for getting rid of Darren McCarty. God knows he didn't do anything for the team in the years he had been there… just scored the most beautiful goal against the Philadelphia Flyers in Game 4 to give us our first Stanley Cup in roughly forever. Took care of the hideous and vile and evil Claude Lemieux after Claude illegally checked Kris Draper from behind face first into the boards (broke Kris' eye socket, cheekbone, and jaw and he also need something like 100 stitches). The biggest issue is that Claude never apologised for the hit and even said, "Draper should thank me for that. I made him famous." Claude Lemieux is a fucker of the first order and don't let anybody ever tell you differently. Darren's also embraced Detroit as his city and he deserves to stay. If the organization has made the decision to keep Brendan Shanahan after waiving McCarty, I'll be beyond livid. I know he's popular (especially with the women because he's "cute") but the fact remains that for the past two years he has not played up to his abilities. He's floated around the ice hanging out in neutral territory acting like he's the ultimate cherry picker of all time since Wayne Gretzky and then when it's near the end either of regulation or OT, he picks his speed up, gets a timely goal and people think he's fabulous. I'm telling you, if we keep him, I'll be beside myself. And if I get to a game, it'll be all I can do to stop myself from booing his ass. Consider yourself warned.

It's hard for me to get worked up over Derian Hatcher being gone since I think he played something like three whole games with us, but I will miss Ray Whitney. He didn't set the place afire, but he was a good steady player (and cute besides). But McCarty??? I want to go out and buy myself a McCarty jersey just to show people. So there! ;-)

I'm so outta here…gotta take these damn contacts out!!!!


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