Tuesday, June 14, 2005

To Sir, With Love - RENT IT!!!!

My weekend was relatively uneventful. Friday was the going away party for the Big Boss – I keep accusing him of abandoning us. I have to stop because I think he feels guilty about it. I'm just teasing him, but I guess I'll behave myself and not say it anymore. It was a fun party. Turns out that the department is full of people who like real beer. I took two 12-packs of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and the first 12-pack went very quickly. The other one never got put out, so I took home an 11-pack. The pizza from Jets was quite yummy as was the Turkish food one co-worker's friend had made.

Saturday was errand combined with lazy day. I went to Target, Farmer Jack and Kroger and then home where I played on the computer for the rest of the day. Pathetic. I went to Farmer Jack because I had read on Seventh Generation's website that FJ carried their products. I couldn't find them, so I headed across the street to Kroger and lo and behold, they carry a fairly full line of their stuff. I was so happy. Yes, it costs more, but it's worth it.

Sunday was Mass at Precious Blood. I discovered yet another reason why my church building should be chosen over Precious Blood. No freaking air conditioning (and the acoustics are still bloody awful). We were all dying from the humidity and heat. And with the ceilings three jillion feet high there's no way we'd ever be able to afford to cool that building – much less heat it in the winter.

I had plans with Ursa and Christine to go down to the Detroit Festival of Arts sometime after church. Mass took forever and an hour and a half after it started I got out and checked my phone to see that Ursa had called, so I called her back and left a message saying that Mass had just ended and that I still had to drive home. Turned out that the timetable wasn't as exact as I thought it was, but I still raced home (as much as possible considering the damn freeways are all fucking closed) and changed clothes. I ran downstairs and knocked on Ursa's door and we were outta there. Christine brought her beloved with her and we all had a nice time just wandering throughout the Festival and even walked all the way down to TJ's for some food. I had the wondrous Mt. Olympus salad (fresh spinach greens, feta and oregano dressing, grape tomatoes, beets and deep fried artichokes hearts). YUM!!!

Before Christine and hubby got down there, Ursa and I had time to go to Showtime. I haven't been in there for at least ten years and it hasn't changed at all. And neither has the guy who owns it. I got a new pair of black monochrome Chucks as my daily pair is splitting at the rubber sole seam. I tried on this cool wool vintage suit. The jacket fit perfectly. The skirt I couldn't fit over my stupid thighs. And I've never considered myself to have big thighs. Ah well, I'll live with out it. As we walked out, Ursa decided that I'm going to marry the proprietor of Showtime. I laughed at her and said, No. She said, "Yes. He's cute, he was flirting with you, he owns Showtime. We could get free hats." LOL! I still said No. Then we ran into Christine and when Ursa told her her plan, Christine's response was No way! He's a player and he's odd. LOL! I don't think Christine convinced Ursa that it wasn't a good idea, not that it matters, because I'm not going to marry the guy from Showtime.

As I mentioned yesterday I saw the coolest rhino vase at the Festival and left without it. I'm thinking that even though I hate the Ann Arbor Art Insanitorium that I might think about going just to pick up the rhino vase – if I'm still thinking about it in July.

I was stupid on Sunday and wore sandals instead of a pair of my Chucks with my orthotics. It was a mistake as my feet were just killing me, so I was ready to leave when Ursa was. Normally I would have wanted to stay longer and check out the stuff on the other side of Woodward, but I couldn't have walked anymore. We did stop on the way home (not that it was really on the way home) at Grant's on Allen Road for a lovely frozen custard. Another YUM for the day.

I had two more Netflix films to watch, so I grabbed the first one and put it in the DVD player. If you have not seen "To Sir, With Love," please do yourself an incredibly huge favor and watch this movie. It was just a beautiful movie and I cried at the end. Yeah, I know I cry at a lot of movies, but I wanted to watch it again as soon as it was over. Sidney Poitier was brilliant and I had the song going through my head the rest of the night – and it wasn't a bad thing at all!!!

I also watched "Soylent Green" – talk about 70s Sci-Fi. Dear God. I laughed out loud when Edward G. Robinson told Charlton Heston, America's favorite atheistic NRA president, to Go with God. For me that was the highlight of the movie – that and the extremely bad "futuristic" special effects. And boy, could you tell it was written by a man, certain women in 2022 are "furniture," i.e., they come with the apartment. PUHLEEZE!!! It didn't piss off my feminist self, but it did make me roll my eyes.

Yesterday I saw pictures of myself from Friday's party…and it scared me, so at the gym I did 45 minutes on the treadmill and another 40 on the elliptical. I would have done the full 45, but I was watching the clock as I had a 5:30 eye doctor's appt. to get my new glasses. I got there right at 5:30, so I guess I judged it well.

And I know I've said this before, but dear heavens, is it really necessary to work on every single road in this metropolitan area??? I went up Merriman Road even though I knew it was down to one lane between Warren and Ann Arbor Trail, because I had enough time. On the way home though, I decided not to go that route. I ended up taking Inkster home because I needed to stop at Walgreen's and I knew there was one at Inkster and Cherry Hill. Well, what I didn't know is that Inkster is down to one freaking lane at Ford Road. ARGH! And then to top it all off, Walgreen's didn't have what I went there for anyway!

By this time I was so frustrated that I went to Merchant's to see if they had my salad – and they did! I recommended that they change the name from Orecchietta (which is just too damn hard to say) to Kathleen's Salad. Much easier for all to pronounce and appropriate since it is My Salad. I also elicited compliments on my new glasses (because I'm sad and pathetic that way).

I just had my Interim PR with Soon-To-Be-Ex-Big Boss and it went well. I'm going to look for "an opportunity" to improve my work self. Anything that keeps me from filing works for me. Bloody hell, I hate filing.

This week is shaping up to be a busy one. We have yet another going away party which got moved from Thursday to Wednesday. Thursday and Friday I have tickets to the symphony. I think Mom is going with me. I better call her and make sure. Otherwise, foxymama needs to get a plane ticket to Detroit, as she's offered to go with me. I love all people who love Neeme Jarvi!!! I was just talking to the Big Boss and he actually saw Arthur Fiedler conduct the Boston Pops playing the 1812 Overture. I'm so jealous!!!!!

And I am also planning on getting to the gym every day and upping my cardio to the full 90 minutes I've been threatening. Once I do that and I still can't lose weight I can bitch nonstop ad nauseum about how I can't lose weight unless I stop eating. It'll be fun. Wait for it!

And I guess that's it for this fine Tuesday – which is supposed to be the last one with these high temps and high humidity – I don't know, but I'll believe when I feel it!!!


At Tuesday, 14 June, 2005, Blogger Jason said...

"To Sir, With Love" is an awesome film! I just saw "The Motorcycle Diaries"...it's great.

At Tuesday, 14 June, 2005, Anonymous Urs said...

I still think you should marry him. Even if it's just a marriage of convenience... convenient, free, hats.

At Tuesday, 14 June, 2005, Blogger Kathleen said...

I'll buy you a damn hat....


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