Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Past, Present and Future

I stole this from Clarity.

15 years ago, I was...
1. working at the University.
2. dating an asshole
3. living in a nightmare situation with a psycho daughter and her long-suffering mother
4. had sold my beloved bright yellow Pinto to buy Asshole's Brother's POS Pontiac Sunbird
5. living an exceptionally boring life.

10 years ago, I was..
1. dancing four nights a week at my favorite club until 2:00 a.m. and still getting to work on time
2. driving my utilitarian Escort
3. thanking God for my new boss at the University as the previous one made me suicidal - literally
4. seeing a therapist to try to figure out why I wasted four years of my life an asshole
5. becoming obsessed with Champ Car, then called CART. Full-blown obsession started the following year.

5 years ago, I was...
1. living in SF in an ultra-expensive apartment in a not so good neighborhood
2. putting my beloved Zapata to sleep
3. drinking way too much as I never had to drive home – just stumble my way home
4. Beginning to miss Detroit
5. walking home from work every day (a good 3 miles)

2 years ago, I was...
1. typing my sister's papers for school
2. spending time in Kentucky for work
3. living in an 1100 sq. ft. apartment with the love of my life, Tikal
4. picking my first hockey pool team
5. riding my stationary bike 40 miles a day every other day and not losing weight or feeling toned.

1 year ago, I was...
1. figuring out my new job
2. mourning the loss of my darling Tikal, but already falling in love with Boris and Igor (the little shits)
3. trying on-line dating which was a complete nightmare.
4. stressing over the state of Champ Car and whether we would have a season this year
5. frustrated by my lack of results from exercising

Yesterday I...
1. was a lazy ass and did nothing after work
2. freezing from the lack of heat so I had to take a nice hot bath
3. blew off the assignment from the depths of hell yet again
4. did not go to Borders to get the Star Wars Trilogy or the new Jack Higgins book as I had planned
5. played lame computer games.

Today I...
1. felt like shit all day due to a poorly decided upon dinner.
2. have actually worked on the project from the depths of hell
3. am going for a walk with Julie.
4. joined yourfavoritedriversucks.com, a Champ Car obsessed website.
5. had my usual Boca burger for lunch and dry Cheerios for dinner.

Tomorrow I will...
1. continue to work on the project from the depths of hell (at least that's the plan)
2. go out for drinks to celebrate a co-worker's last days of being single
3. feel better, I hope.
4. put the Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker on my car instead of just lamely laying it in my back window
5. write yet another boring post at my diary.


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