Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Exercise, Vegas, CDs and Spiders

Okay, I'll admit right up front that I have this horrendous project that I could be working on, but since it's pissing me off, I'm dilly-dallying and decided to babble at you kind folks for a while.

Last night I did something new and unusual. I exercised. *gasp* I heard that collective gasp of disbelief, but yes, I did. Really. I found somebody who wants to exercise but needs the incentive of another person (just like me), so she came over after work (I'm telling you, it's really convenient living ultra-close to work), and we walked. We walked my usual 7-mile walk and dang, my knees were killing me this morning. And we're supposed to go again tonight! Next week we have definite plans for Tuesday and tentative plans for Friday night. Tomorrow is bar night, so there will be no walking except to and from the bar.

I also got this TwistBoard thing which is supposed to help slim down thighs, hips and buttocks (I think). I'll keep you posted on how well that works. At any rate, it was only 8 bucks, so if it's a bust, at least it didn't cost me a shitload of money. And if it works, it'll be the best $8 I've ever spent.

I'm very close to being caught up on my sleep after my Vegas weekend. I went to bed at 7:00 on Monday and 8:00 last night. Tonight I'm aiming to stay up until 9:00 p.m. Can you imagine such decadence???

While in Vegas I got two CDs from a race regular. It's his own music and I've listened to it for the past two days, and either I'm no connoisseur of music or I just appreciate anybody's musical effort (but I don’t think that's it since I've already discussed my hatred for the musical "talents" of Sheryl Crow and Dave Matthews), but I like both CDs. I guess I should tell Erich, eh? Instead of you?

Did I tell you all that the highlight of the weekend in Vegas was that my brother drove down from the Bay Area? I know you're all shocked that it wasn't the race, but as good as that was, it was the opportunity to see my brother that was the high point. And of course, having my brother meet my friends and seeing one of my beloved races. He enjoyed it and he liked the chance to meet my friends, too.

Monday morning I'm more asleep than awake while getting ready for work, but I had a surprise visitor who got the blood pumping a bit. I was standing in front of my bathroom putting on my make-up when I felt something on my neck/shoulder. Thankfully I was wearing my glasses that day (my eyes were too damn tired even to think about putting the contacts in), so all I had to do was look up and see the ugliest bloody spider ever crawling across my skin, which about freaked my ass right out. I did a version of the pee-pee dance known as knocking-the-ugliest-damn-spider-ever-off-the-shoulder dance and then when it landed on the floor I crushed it. I was so damn happy that I had put my shoes on already! I get the shivers right down the spine just thinking about it. *shudder* I have an agreement with the spiders in my house. If they stay up high where I can't reach them then they can live. If they come down so that I can reach them, or more specifically, if they land directly on me, all bets are off and their little spidery lives are over!!!

Okay, I guess that's enough of a break for now. Back to the project which is making me pissy….


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