Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Mushroom Advice and My Boring Life

I have some advice for all of you. Do not eat marinated mushrooms for dinner, especially when it's the only thing you eat! It's more than 12 hours later and I'm still feeling like shit. My Cheerios and mint tea are NOT helping. *sigh* Just say no! Don’t be stupid like me!!!

The weekend was a weekend. I got my home computer fixed. Woohoo! Thanks, Comcast! Never thought I'd be writing those words! The poor Comcast tech was at my house for FOUR hours, but the end result was a functioning Internet capable computer, so it was worth it. Turns out that my Ethernet card took a powder on me and it needed to be replaced. Of course, this was determined AFTER I re-installed my operating system and lost everything on my freaking hard drive. Ah well, it's not like I had the great American novel on there (or that if I had I wouldn't have saved it to a floppy disk).

I also got my hair cut and that was darn near the highlight of the weekend. It was so long and horribly shapeless. I was hating it! And I'm bored with my hair but unfortunately there's not much I can do with it. It's thick but fine, so it doesn't hold a curl or a perm and if it's long it just hangs limply around my face, so I keep it short. In fact, I discovered that my hair is so thick and fine that even putting a crapload of hair product in it which is supposed to make it look like it has body, my hair still does exactly what it wants and just lays there looking like boring old hair. So, the only thing I can do to eliminate "Boring Hair" or "I Hate My Hair" is to color it. It's a brighter red now than my original strawberry blonde and I like it. I know my Mom and my sister didn't like it because when they saw me at church on Sunday they didn't say a word and let me just tell you, it's OBVIOUS, people. Gotta love the support from family.

I just had a complete brain fade and thought it was Wednesday. Finding out it was Tuesday was a definite disappointment, I must say.

Today Julie and I are going for a walk after work in an effort to get into some sort of non-disgusting shape. The problem is that we're both pretty busy people (her more than me) so this week we might be walking only once. Granted I could have gone last night by myself but I was my usual lazy self.

The other night when I was over at my uncle's house for crème brulee I ended up helping my cousin with his paper on art vs. nature. I thought it was a pretty esoteric topic for a 16-year-old. He had good ideas, though, and I simply helped him expand on those idea. I can't wait to find out how he does on it. He wrote it himself, I just helped come up with some ideas. Supposedly a paper is supposed to have five paragraphs and that a paragraph must contain five sentences. How the hell did I get out of high school and college having never learnt that??? He has his introduction and conclusion, but needed the middle three paragraphs. We went with Similarities, Differences and a blending of art and nature, if I remember correctly.

Hmm, haven't updated in almost a week and this is all I have to offer? My life is more boring than I had thought.


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