Tuesday, September 14, 2004

And so, we're chastened, we feel so insecure...

I watched two more Hitchcock movies over the weekend and should have two more by tomorrow. I watched Spellbound with Gregory Peck and Ingrid Bergman and The Trouble with Harry starring John Forsythe, Edmund Gwenne and Shirley MacLaine in her film debut. I had seen a few moments of Spellbound a few months ago on TCM, but when I realised that I was halfway through the movie I turned it off and moved it up on my Netflix queue. The Trouble with Harry was pretty funny. Back in 1955 it was considered dark comedy, but I'd say it wasn't all that dark compared to today's standards. It even had a very young Jerry Mathers in it!

My Champ Car boys had a race this past Sunday at one of my favorite race tracks, Laguna Seca. Patrick Carpentier, the "affable French-Canadian" won the race. I put that in quotes because almost every single story about him describes him thusly. He's a very nice person and very friendly with the fans. One of his teammates is not quite so friendly and is not high at all on my list of favorite drivers. In fact, I'd say he's not on it at all, especially after this Sunday when he took Sebastian out of the race on the first lap. For the record, I'm rooting for Sebastian Bourdais to win the championship.

Of course, the highlight of the race was my absolute favorite driver (currently driving) was on the podium. Way to go, Oriol!!!! He drives for Dale Coyne Racing which is one of the smaller teams in the paddock (by smaller read: poor), so a podium finish is brilliant! If I had been at the race I can guarantee you I would have been crying, and racing for the podium to cheer my boy on! I got his autograph in Toronto telling him he was my favorite driver and it seemed he was surprised by that, saying "Really?" Of course, in Toronto it's assumed that you're Canadian and therefore rooting for Paul Tracy, but I don't call Paul PFT for nothing. You figure out what the F stands for!!!!!

Woohoo!!! Just read at the Laguna Seca website that my favorite Toyota Atlantics driver won that championship! Congratulations, Jon Fogarty!!!!!! Now if only a Champ Car team owner would give him a freaking ride!!!!!!! And while I'm on the subject, here are some other drivers out there who deserve rides: Memo Gidley, Hoover Orsi, Alex Barron, and Bryan Herta. Technically, the last two drivers have rides, but since they drive for the Evil Empire, it doesn't count as a real ride. Poor Alex and Bryan stuck in the Idiot Racing League. Of course, I would prefer Memo, Jon or Hoover getting Champ Car rides over drivers who lowered their standards went to the Icky Racing League.

I'm now looking forward to next weekend and my racing weekend in Vegas. It'll probably be my last race of the season since the last two are Australia and Mexico City. I would DEARLY love to get to Mexico City for the race and visit my family there, but I have no vacation time left. I'll have to plan better for next year! And it's even going to be the last race of the season so I'm really bummed to miss it.

This coming weekend will be spent at the DSO celebrating Mom's b-day a day late. Her presents will include: the rosary I made her (already blessed), a light blue Champ Car shirt to replace the one she poured bleach on, an orange Champ Car hat and the concert. Now if she's only not late to my house. Saturday is more yarn shopping and knitting club. Don't stress. I have gift certificates to this yarn shop! And then no plans for Sunday which is okay with me. I need to pretend to fix my home computer and I still have a shitload of knitting to do.


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