Friday, September 10, 2004

Weekend Yarn Plans

Tonight is Opening Night at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (okay, I think last night was the actual opening night, but tonight is the opening night of the Friday series) and I'm going with Darrell. Before the symphony we're going to my favorite restaurant in Detroit, The Traffic Jam & Snug. I'm pretty excited as I haven't been there in a while. Their Portabello Mushroom Soup is FABULOUS!!!! Oh, they have the Asparagus and Swiss Broil on the menu. It's my favorite! And trust me, if you live in the Detroit area or are ever in the area, you MUST eat here. And save room for Dessert because they are all to die for!!!! My favorite is the Double Berry Crisp, and just so you understand how wonderful it is, I'm normally a chocolate person!!!!!

They also brew their own beer, make their own cheese and bread, and carry Motor City Brewing beers as well. Oh yummy!!! It's all good, people!

Well, you know how I mentioned earlier this week that I had to listen to Carmina Burana this week before the DSO's performance of it this evening? I tried, really, I did. This morning before leaving for work I went into the living room to get it and bring it with me today. I was going to give the Tijuana Strip Club a break today, but I couldn't find my copy. ARGH!!! I was so not happy. I really wanted to hear it before tonight, just to remind myself. My plan when I get home is 1) wash the dress I wore to the wedding, so that I can wear it tonight; 2) clean the apt. (and in the process, find Carmina Burana); 3) vacuum; and 4) fit in a nap and a shower – all before 5:45/6:00 p.m. Let's guess what I actually get accomplished.

My plans tomorrow have been changed. I was supposed to go the new Lansing yarn shop tomorrow with my knitting club. I ordered some yarn from them (basically just for an excuse to visit them) and it arrived this week. Everything was all set. We were going to leave Dearborn around 10:00, get there around 11:30, swoon over the yarn, buy too much, go for lunch and then go home, but then we learned some bad news. Stupid ass college football has started and we all know what that means (hint: avoid all college towns on home game day) and MSU is having a home football game this weekend. *sigh* Since we're a "thinking on our feet kind of group" we re-adjusted the yarn extravaganza to Royal Oak (no major university there) where the yarn store is having its annual sale. I still have my gift certificate to use so I can buy yarn w/o actually spending any money (in theory). I'm pretty excited. And since the whole college football season lasts way too damn long and I don't want to wait forever for my yarn, Julie suggested going one evening after work. They're open late on Monday nights, so that's the day I'm aiming for. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

I guess that's it for today. One of these days I have to remember to tell you that story of my blind date when I lived in SF. It's classic!!!


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