Wednesday, September 08, 2004

More boring crap

Well, you know it's not the best day you've ever had when you buy a piece of cheese from the sucky work cafeteria for 30 cents and then after you've heated up your less than fabulous, but would still be filling, lunch and put on the cheese and it's melted oh so beautifully that you proceed to drop said lunch on the coffee room floor (now this floor hasn't been cleaned since the Nixon Administration). Granted I wasn't really looking forward to it, but I was quite hungry and looking forward to the nutritional value at the very least. *sigh* I even said bad words. And now my right eye is twitching…I think it's from the really salty popcorn I bought from the sucky work cafeteria.


Has anybody read Hey Nostradamus by Douglas Coupland? I ask because I read it a couple of weeks ago and it depressed the ever-living shit out of me. Now the back of the book talked about hope, but I missed the whole hope aspect of this book. I'm not saying it was a bad book. In fact, I'd say it was interesting, different and even well written. It's hard to say I loved it when it depressed me so badly, but I did kind of like it. I've lent it to a friend from work and I'm waiting to see what he says.


Okay, sorry, got sidetracked looking at DVDs at I want The Sting on DVD, but the DVD that is out right now has no special features and isn't widescreen. Damn! I guess I'll wait. There are a couple of other movies I want, but I'll wait as has a deal of buy 3 get free shipping, while has spend over $25 and get free shipping. I also want To Catch a Thief and How to Steal a Million, but the latter isn't out yet on DVD (Dec. 7), so I'll be patient and wait and watch all the other DVDs I've bought over the past five months. I also want Major League and it's out, but w/o two other movies that I really want, I guess I can wait. I'm an adult. I don't need instant gratification! Yeah, right. Have you ever seen me buy yarn? I'm pathetic.


Julie sent out the URL for the wedding pics, but since I look like a fat cow, I won't be sharing them with you. Deal with it. Maybe it's a good thing I dropped my lunch on the floor. And I'm really going to go to the farm market today to buy veggies. No, I didn't go yesterday. I know I said I was going to, but somebody was going to come by after work and my excuse was that I didn't know when he'd get there. Of course, it was damn near four hours after I had gotten home, but it's my story and I'm sticking to it, dammit! Stop nagging me!!! ;-) TODAY I SHALL WALK TO THE STORE AND BUY HEALTHY VEGGIES. The problem is that healthy vegetables cost a lot, are a pain to prepare (clean, cut up, steam, etc.) and do not stave off hunger pains, unless you eat ten pounds. I'm telling you, it's a helluva cheaper just to stop eating to lose weight. I know it's not healthier, but it's easier!


I got this incredible bruise on the top of my right foot at the wedding on Saturday night. No, nobody stomped on my foot. I was doing the polka with Brian and saw that Julie was trying to take our picture, so I paused for the shot, but Brian didn't know we were pausing and he kept going and my foot turned sideways and under and damn, it hurt. Not as much as it could have, since I was taking ibuprofen regularly to stave off the pain that wearing heels causes my poor old feet, to say nothing of my stupid arthritic knees. It sucks getting old, kids, although my doctors swear it has nothing to do with age and everything to do with hereditary. Is that supposed to make me feel better? Hmm, does it? Yeah, I guess it does.


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