Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Labor Day Weekend

I was busily crafting this weekend. I figured out that I have way too much to do, as always, so I was frantically knitting this weekend. I finished two scarves, started a third which is mostly done, and made Mom's b-day present (a rosary – no, not knitted, made of beads). Making rosaries is a tad tedious, but I know Mom will absolutely love it, so it was worth the sore fingers and messed up fingernails. Meg told me on Friday that Mom ruined her favorite Champ Car shirt with bleach, so I ordered a new one today, so that will also be part of her b-day present. I also bought the orange Champ Car hat for her as it was only $3. This will make three orange hats in her hat wardrobe, but if it gets her to stop wearing her ugly Providence Hospital hat to the race, it'll be worth it. She owns multiple racing hats, but that's the one she drags out. Drives me up a wall. At least I got her away from the visor, by point blank telling her she's not allowed to wear it. God, it was ugly, with its elastic phone cord type thing along the back. Talk about extremely uncool!

My weekend was fairly unspectacular, I must say. Where are all these BBQs people are supposed to have Labor Day Weekend? I didn't get invited to a single one!!!! I got this brainstorm of an idea on Thursday evening, so I called up Meg to see if she wanted to go for sushi on Friday. She did, so we met for lunch and I quite enjoyed the tempura asparagus, as always. I then went home and knitted until Meg came over in the evening and we watched my Netflix DVDs of Monk: Season 1, Discs 3 & 4. I just love that show. Saturday I was just going to knit (thinking of all the projects I have) and then remembered that Jo-Ann's was having a sale on Lion Brand Homespun yarn which is what I prefer for the afghans that I make (crochet) and at a $1 a skein saving, I was all over that. I need to make Mom one for Christmas. I wasn't in love with the yarn I chose, but it'll work and I'm sure it'll be more attractive in the finished form. I also spent some money on yet more yarn, because, you know, I just don't have enough. *sigh* That's a complete lie, BTW. I have tons of yarn!

Saturday night I had a wedding to attend. Two of The Group were getting married. Barbra looked absolutely beautiful, whereas Perl basically looked like Perl in a tux. Not bad, but not stunningly beautiful like Barbra. Now, if you live in Michigan, you'll know that this summer has seemed to be particularly cooler and wetter than usual (although not according to an article in the Freep this morning). So, the day I have to get dressed for a wedding, it's a billion degrees with a trillion percent humidity, and for the record, I don't have air conditioning in my apt. Sure, I have a window unit in my storage unit downstairs, but I hate to waste a window (i.e., fresh air) on it when I'm not going to use it unless it's 90F. So, it's in the basement and I had to get dressed for a wedding.

I do have the most fabulous box fan ever, so I got dressed standing in front of that and put my make-up on while sitting on my bed in front of the fan. It wasn't bad, actually. But the worst was yet to come. The wedding was at Fairlane, Henry Ford's Estate and in order to be historically true, there is no air conditioning in Henry's house, other than the former pool room which is now a restaurant called The Pool. The wedding, itself, was held in the Music Room, a room which makes me sad because there is this gorgeous woodwork in it, but Clara, once when Henry was gone, had it all painted white. It's still beautiful, but the thought of painted wood makes me a little crazy. After the ceremony we hung out in the living room, Mrs. Ford's Study (hors d'oeuvres were served here), and the Sun Porch (this is where the bar was set up). Thankfully, dinner was served in The Pool, so we got a respite from the heat and humidity, until it was time for the dancing which took place appropriately enough in the Music Room. It is a beautiful place for a wedding, no doubt about it. And it's close to home, so that's a definite plus in my book.

Julie took tons of pictures, so I can't wait to see them. And that's pretty much the excitement of the weekend, although I did go to the grocery store yesterday and that's pretty exciting when you figure it's been MONTHS since I've been there. I've been out of food since late July. Have I ever told you how much I hate grocery stores?

Hell is a grocery store full of old people pushing carts very slowly down the center of each aisle, along with people who felt the need to bring all 75 of their small screaming children, and the 15 or less check-out lane is filled with people who don't realise that that means them too! "But I only have 18 items." ARGH!!!!

Today I'll walk to the Farm Market after work to stock on veggies and stuff. The last time I bought produce from Kroger, I regretted it as the red pepper I just spent $1.99/lb on was mostly bad, so no more! Produce will only be bought at the Dearborn Farm Market.

Well, I guess that's it for today. Not the most thrilling entry ever, but I live a boring life which makes for boring diary entries. ;-) Until next time….


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