Friday, July 14, 2006


I am so bloody tired it's not funny. The bloody baseball game ran quite long. I swear we were barely to the fifth inning after 2 hours. I kept exhorting them to speed the game, "I need to go to bed." Yeah, they didn't listen to me. As usual, I annoyed the people in front of me. I don't plan on doing it, it just happens. I'm sorry but when I go to games (and races), I get into the event. I yell for all my favorite players (racers) and I don't give a flying fart if the people in front of me don't like it. I find it more fun to get into the game. I'm silly that way. The two old ladies finally moved five or so seats down, but the old men stayed right there in front of me, occasionally whispering to each other and trying the surreptitious glance back (I love it when I catch them doing it, as they immediately turn back around like they weren't looking at me). Did it stop me? Hell no!!! You're at a sporting event, people, deal with a little yelling. I'm sure they thought I was drunk, because don't people only yell and holler when they're drunk? Nope, not me. I yell and holler when I'm sober. I did have a Mike's Hard Lime yesterday but it took me over an hour to drink it, so I wasn't even tipsy. And when I have been drunk at a game (see: my birthday last year), I was too oblivious to what was going on to yell about anything.

I don't know if the Libertarian is prepared for Sporting Event Kathleen, but if he's not, life's rough. I will be wearing a Tigers shirt, a Tigers hat (probably my orange 1934 World Series hat) and my Tigers Chuck Taylors (sixth pair from the bottom). I believe in showing my full support for my teams.

I only got 2.5 hours of the five tapes hours of the Tour de France from yesterday watched before I had to get ready for the game. I was hoping the game would be quick and I'd be home by 10:00 to watch a bit more, but that didn't happen. So, today I need to watch the remaining 2.5 hours of the Tour, go to the gym or nap, and then get ready to go downtown to the Concert of Colors. Martha is going with me and we're planning on going down early and eating at Union Street which works perfectly since Union Street was the location Pamela chose to have the group gather before we walk down to Orchestra Hall. Union Street has kick-ass French Fries, but I will be good and not get them as I am trying to lose weight (oh so unsuccessfully).

I have decided that a nap is most definitely necessary today, I'm too tired to sit in a concert w/o falling asleep. They could be doing the 1812 Overture and I'm pretty sure I'd still fall asleep.


At Friday, 14 July, 2006, Blogger MW said...

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At Sunday, 16 July, 2006, Blogger MW said...

K: "They could be doing the 1812 Overture and I'm pretty sure I'd still fall asleep."

Just after I graduated from high school, a friend dragged me along on his National Guard weekend. How he succeeded in doing that is a mystery to me. I had to sleep on a concrete gymnasium floor in the National Guard armory in Chamberlain, SD. It was miserable. Of course, military people think it's necessary to wake up at about the time most bars are announcing "last call." It felt as if I had just fallen asleep. After steadfastly, yet politely, refusing the commanders frequent efforts to get me, a card-carrying neo-hippie, to enlist, we all went out to a target-practice range just outside of town. I sat in the back of a pickup truck that was filled with old tree stumps (not what one would call comfortable), while a long line of soldiers shot at the targets. In case you don't know it, military rifles are incredibly loud, the kind of loud that makes you jump out of your skin. A whole bunch of them being fired at once is really, really, really loud. After jumping out of my skin for a few minutes, I was so tired from lack of sleep that actually fell asleep amidst all of that incredible noise. I knew I had fallen asleep because some "kind soul" just couldn't resist gently waking me up for some inexplicable reason.

At Monday, 17 July, 2006, Blogger Beth said...

I say this all the time, but I'm an insomniac. I get the no sleeping thing, but for the past two nights, I've been sleeping again. Not straight through the night, but better. It's such a strange feeling to sleep when you haven't your whole life. The world looks strange when you're not tired. LOL

At Monday, 17 July, 2006, Blogger trinamick said...

I finally got caught up on a little sleep this weekend, and it was wonderful. I think I'll try it more often.

At Tuesday, 18 July, 2006, Blogger Kathleen said...

MW - It's amazing where you can sleep when your body says, "Enough is enough."

Beth - I'm only an insomniac, normally, on Sundays - and when the humidex is approximately 1000F.

Trina - You need some sleep, girl, that's for sure.


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