Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I don't know what is going on, but I've been completely unable to sleep for the past few weeks. Last week, I could chalk up to not being in my own bed (and them there was the whole "Scare the crap out of Kathleen with deer tick and Lyme disease stories"), but I haven't been able to sleep since I've gotten home either. Very frustrating as I do like my sleep. I even stayed up late last night (10:00 p.m.) in an effort to fall asleep which failed miserably. I finally got out of bed and took a shower, hoping that would help. Yeah, it didn't.

After work yesterday, I had decided to walk to my pharmacy and then to the farm market. I briefly changed my mind because I was too fat to fit into my shorts and that just disgusted me. But then I saw my 'script lying there and realised I had to go. So, I walked to the pharmacy and got my prescription filled and then on to the farm market, I'd say it's a good mile there and another back, so it was a decent walk, especially the walk home when I was carrying a number of pounds of tomatoes, cucumbers, nectarines, plums and popcorn. I thought that would help tire me out and help me sleep. Yeah, not so much. I have to decide if today I walk to Kroger and buy groceries (the only foodstuff I have in my house other than the stuff bought yesterday is frozen spinach) or go to the gym and spend an hour on the elliptical. Or two.

I had been planning on blowing off Mass this past Sunday, just because, but I got a call when I was at the Tigers game two Wednesdays ago from a woman at church asking if I were going to be there. I asked why and she said it was the day of Erica's baptism (they spell Erica a completely different way, but I can't even begin to attempt it as it contains A, K, H, Y). As I'm Erica's godmother (yeah, I should figure out how to spell it), I said, Of course I'll be there. Fr. did a totally kick-ass job of moving things along and even with the baptism, it only took an hour and a half. I congratulated him after Mass. He just laughed. I have pics of Fr. to post at some point. I took two pics of him with my church Mother.

I think I've told that story before, but it's always a fun telling, so I'll tell it again for my newer readers. And one point of clarification, my church is in Detroit and is 97% African-American.

Back in 2000, after I had just moved back, they asked in church one Sunday to pray for Bennie because she was in the hospital (I forget why). YS and I asked after church which hospital she was in and we took off to visit her. When we first got there, she was napping, so we wandered around for a little while. She was awake when we got back and was very happy to see us. We were just chit-chatting about whatever, when a nurse came in to check her vitals. Bennie said, "Oh, nurse, these are my daughters." The nurse glanced back at us in greeting, and then did a double-take. YS and I were trying not to giggle, as Bennie clarified with, "My church daughters." We all smiled politely at each other, but when the nurse left, we all giggled about it.

I think it was good that I took a couple of weeks off from church because I actually missed seeing everybody, and I wasn't feeling hateful toward a certain choir director. It didn't hurt that the extremely, horribly, sucky long-ass Alleluia has gone away (I hope forever) for a nice normal (and shorter) one.

After Mass, I had a mini-family reunion (very mini) at Grandma's country club (YUM) with Grandma's brother's kids. Their mother's side of the family had had a reunion, so most of the girls showed up (three out of four) but none of the boys (one ex-wife, whom it was fabulous to see), and a number of their kids whom I did not know. I always thought that side of the family was cool, probably because we saw them all so rarely. Of course, the fact that I had a total crush (when I was 10 and he was 20(?)) on one of my cousins might have played a part. He wasn't there as he is off sailing in the Greek Isles (Yeah, I'm a tad jealous), but it was his ex-wife who showed up and it's always great to see her. The LB called me later that day and I told him that I got a picture of her for him and he asked if I had told her that he was available. I laughed at him, and then told him that I had invited her to join us in Vegas when we go in October. She sounded like she might, so that'd be fun. I told her we were going hiking and shegot this look on her face, so I said, "Or you can hang out in the casino with HRH." Her face cleared and she said, "Oh, yeah, that's more my cup of tea." I hope she does come up as it would be great to see her again.

I have another very booked week/weekend planned, to say nothing of next week. Netflix will be doing the happy dance as I watched my first two movies of the month over the weekend and that'll probably be it until August as July is scheduled to the nth degree. My schedule is so stupid, I haven't seen Martha in a year (okay, that's a slight exaggeration, it's probably been a couple of months). It doesn't help that her schedule is stupid, too. Holy crap! I just went through my book and I haven't seen Martha since May 11! TWO full months. Craziness. Our after-work hours are just silly busy, so we've made plans to go to lunch on Friday (something I rarely do is leave the office for lunch, because then I have to stay longer). Thursday is (or maybe that's "used to be") our usual after work drinks day, but this Thursday I'm going to the Tigers game with Glen the Good aka GtG. Yay!

A month ago when Pamela and I were at the Detroit Festival of Arts, we had discussed going to the Concert of Colors at the Max M. Fisher Theater on Friday (July 14). Saturday is The Nephew's graduation party and Sunday might be another baseball game. It's free Cap day, so I want to get there early and get a hat! Free Tigers caps are all good in my book! Next Monday I will rest, in theory, but then Tuesday is back to the ol' ballpark as I made plans with two co-workers to catch a game, before one goes off on launch (the same two co-workers with whom I went to the Zoo on Easter Monday). Wednesday I'll be packing because I leave Thursday morning for Edmonton for another fun-filled (but exhausting) race weekend.

Damn, I'm tired just thinking about everything I have planned!


At Tuesday, 11 July, 2006, Blogger MW said...

Kathleen said: "I have another very booked week/weekend planned, to say nothing of next week... July is scheduled to the nth degree. My schedule is so stupid... Our after-work hours are just silly busy..."

I reply: And to think that that insane schedule is forced onto you by some evil sadist who simply refuses to let you slow down. I am going to call Social Services to see if they can help you out.

Ha? Ha? ;-) ???

At Tuesday, 11 July, 2006, Anonymous tony said...

Hi, I liked reading through your blog,realy interesting,would like to come back if OK with you
Thanks for sharing

At Wednesday, 12 July, 2006, Blogger Beth said...

I'm an insomniac. Some weeks/months are better than others. You're a reader as well. Does that help put you to sleep? I cannot sleep unless I read first, but some nights I don't fall asleep until 3-4am. My eyes hurt with all that reading.

Since you're religious, maybe you're up at night because God is trying to tell you something. Like that gospel tune ... "And you can't sleep at night (God is trying to tell you something)." Maybe? Nah? LOL

At Thursday, 13 July, 2006, Blogger Heather said...

I hope the sleeping problem has worked itself out. It sucks when you wan to sleep and can't (as I type this at 2:30am!)

At Thursday, 13 July, 2006, Blogger Scott said...

Our tick season seems to have passed here. I pulled one off my wife early in the season, and a full one off the puppy. It's really scary about lyme disease.

At Thursday, 13 July, 2006, Blogger Kathleen said...

MW - Blame my social secretary. I don't know what I'm going to do with her.

Beth - I can only read certain things at night. Like Oscar Wilde essays, otherwise I get too involved in the book. If I were my Mom, I'd probably say the rosary. ;-)

Heather - I slept last night but didn't get to bed until after 11:00 and when the alarm goes off at 4:30, that is just not enough sleep.

Scott - Yup, freak ya right out, I find.


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