Thursday, July 06, 2006


I've been on the far west coast of Michigan since Sunday visiting the YS. Her BF was here until yesterday when he headed north to visit his family. I had met him twice before but hadn't really spent any time with him as he lives in VA. Sunday night when he was taking his dog out for a "walk," she asked me if I liked him. I seriously don't think you should ask that question. If your family likes him, they'll tell you. I remember when I started dating the ex- 20 years ago, the OS invited me over for a night in the hot tub. I should have suspected something because she never did that, but I was naive. She proceeded to tell me that she hated him and that she wouldn't speak to him and that Mom and FF didn't like him either. Mind you, I had only been dating him for about four weeks. If she had kept her mouth shut, I probably would have dumped him within three months as was my norm, instead I dug my heels in and wasted four years with him.

Anyway, I told the YS that he was fine. A friend of hers came over last night and the friend point blank asked me, "Do you like the BF?" What the Fuck!!! DO NOT ASK THAT QUESTION like that unless you either don't want the truth or you already know the answer. YS apparently didn't fall for the "He's fine" response, because last night she said to me, "I know you don't like him. Why not?" I said, "I don't have to like him. You're dating him. You need to like him." She didn't really take that answer and asked for specifics. My problem is that I have a tendency to process situations, thoughts, etc. down into the overall feeling and forget the specifics. I do remember that when we were out hiking, he would say things that were a tad passive-aggressive, he-man-ish, etc. I had walked away from the friend's question and as I came out of my bedroom, I heard the YS say, "She doesn't like him because he likes Bush." WHAT!?! I said, "I didn't know that." That definitely is a huge strike against him in my book.

We did a helluva lot of hiking, first Sunday and then Tuesday. Sunday we went out to the Ludington State Park and first went out to the lighthouse and then hiked the Lighthouse Trail out. It was very beautiful, but the trail started out all sand and continued that way for a good half of the trail. Sand is a bitch to hike in.

Tuesday we hiked a good 10 or so miles for a good four hours. We started out on the Ridge Trail, then moved to the Lost Lake Trail, then the Island (or something) Trail, then something that wasn't named (I don't think) and ended on Skyline. As we walked back to the truck, we saw three deer, two does and a fawn. So cute. I got TONS of pics!

Yesterday I sat outside and read the latest Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum book and got a tad sunburned. Right now I'm watching the Tour de France and then I'll head to the beach (with sunblock) and read the latest John Sandford. Apparently, we're going hiking again tonight after the YS gets home from work and I head home tomorrow morning. When I got up Sunday morning with my bags all packed and waiting in the hallway, all of Boris' toys (they're technically Igor's too, but he won't have anything to do with them) were sitting outside my bedroom door which indicated to me that Boris was stressed about me leaving. Usually he only carries one or two around the house while I'm sleeping. It had been a very long time since he's brought all of them to me. So, I'm heading home tomorrow morning and won't go anywhere until it's time for me to head to Edmonton (two weeks).

I hope everyone had a good 4th of July. Once I get all my pics into flickr, I'll post some, as it doesn't seem blogger wants me to include pics still.


At Thursday, 06 July, 2006, Blogger trinamick said...

I agree that it's a dangerous question. I hate being asked what I think about someone else's SO. But if they ask me, I tell them the truth. Hey, they wanted to know!

At Thursday, 06 July, 2006, Blogger Beth said...

Wow, that is a dangerous question. I mean, how are you supposed to know????

At Thursday, 06 July, 2006, Blogger Kathleen said...

Trina - She asked point blank, so I had to say something. Besides, I'm the world's worst liar, so she would have known if I had lied.

Beth - Never ask a question if you don't want the truth. ;-)

At Thursday, 06 July, 2006, Blogger MW said...

What's with all that hiking, every day, all day long? It sounds as if someone is on a mission. You should be a stick figure by the time you return home. ;-)

At Saturday, 08 July, 2006, Blogger Sal said...

That is really a nasty question, I think you have to wonder what why the person is asking the question. Maybe the person asking doesn't like him so much themselves and they need confirmation. Most of my friends live by the rule, "love me, love my dog." We've put up with some really mangy snaggled tooth ones, sounds like that's what she's got if she found someone who still likes Bush. In any case, I wish her the best.


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