Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Party Til The World Obeys

I have so much to talk about today. First and most exciting, tonight is sushi night with Ursamajor. I've been wanting sushi for about two weeks! Yesterday afternoon I was watching Ellen when I heard the distinctive "ting" of a Yahoo! IM waiting for me. It was from Sal, my bestest friend from SF. (Go and check out his blog, he is an HTMLing fool with links everywhere and a fabulous picture of himself in a 2-ft tall Easter bonnet, not bunny, because that would be ridiculous.) He had IMd me earlier in the weekend but I wasn't on, I then IMd him back when I got the message but he wasn't on. We were playing IM tag. Yesterday's message read "You there just being invisible?" Yeah, pretty much. As my POS home computer takes about a year (or 30 minutes) to boot up, I've taken to leaving the sucker on to make it a tad more efficient, and this means that I'm logged in Yahoo! Messenger all the time, but I'm invisible.

Sal's original message from Friday had said that he had had a dream about me the night before. In his dream, he had dreamt that he was straight and that he had asked me to marry him. I laughed, of course, especially when he told me that he waited a day or so to tell his partner about it. His partner's response was that Sal has good taste. I knew I loved those two! In the dream he didn't get a response from me, but I said if he were still Sal just straight that I would have said Yes.

Yesterday was a good day, other than getting a dream marriage proposal, I also got a package in the mail from Loopy. I got two homemade CDs – I'm so excited there are two Jack Johnson songs on them so I can finally find out what is up with him. I can't wait to listen to them. I would be listening to them right now but I received an assignment from Smed. He wants a Best 5 and a Worst 5 from the CDs he made for me earlier this year. The "Worst of" has been pretty easy so far got two from the Kat #1 CD, but it's hard to pick a Best of without hearing everything all over again. And it's really hard because I'm trying to be fair and not just pick the Madness, Oingo Boingo and They Might Be Giants songs as I love those bands anyway! In the package with the CDs, I got my very first EVER Tie-Dyed Shirt! I'm so excited! I'm planning on wearing it tonight for the Wings/Oilers game in an effort to send good vibes to my boys. The shirt I wore Sunday is in the laundry basket and will never be worn again for a Red Wings game.

I watched all of my Netflix DVDs over the weekend which means I have nothing at the house right now, so I was glad that the Libertarian had lent me Hitch so I had something to watch last night. I had started watching the Montreal/Carolina game but Montreal scored just minutes into the game, so I had to turn it off. I thought Carolina would do better if I weren't watching. I was apparently wrong. DAMN! I hadn't had any great burning desire to see Hitch, but the premise as put to me by the Libertarian (that Will Smith knows the secret to get women to like individual men) made me want to see it, so I could say "No, that's wrong." When The Libertarian brought it to me, he told me it would make me laugh at least at the scene where Kevin James dances, and if it didn't, there was something wrong with me. I have to say that I laughed a lot while watching that movie. It was freaking hilarious, not to the point where it brought tears to my eyes, but damn, it was funny. I do wonder, though, if I was just in the mood for laughing. I had watched Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Sunday (after that debacle of a Wings game) and I thought the movie was pretty well done. When I list April's movies watched and books read next week, you'll see that I've been reading the series on which the movie was based (actually, the movie was based on the first three which I read last year), so I was curious to see how they did and I thought they did a pretty good job. Now, most of you know that I am NOT a fan of Jim Carrey, but after reading the books I realised that he was probably perfect as the evil Count Olaf, and I have to admit that he was. The character could have been written for Jim Carrey, as Count Olaf after the first book shows up in all subsequent books in various disguises. The annoying thing about the books is that I finished Book 12: The Penultimate Peril last night and Book 13 doesn't come out until OCTOBER!!!! I can't wait until October!!! The orphans are in danger right now!

It reminds me of when I first started reading the Harry Potter books. I had bought the first two, but hadn't read them right away. I think Rosie O'Donnell mentioned them on her show, so I dug them out and started reading. The first book, The Sorcerer's Stone took me almost a week to read (started on a Saturday, finished on Thursday). I started Chamber of Secrets immediately and was close to finishing the next day at lunchtime, so I walked over to the Embarcadero to get the next book. I did not want to waste any time. I needed to know what was going to happen next. I finished Prisoner of Azkaban Saturday morning lying in bed (it was a typical shitty cold rainy foggy grey day in March in SF). Even though it was a typical shitty cold rainy foggy grey day in SF I decided that I needed Book 4 right then and there. I showered, dressed warmly and made my up Fillmore Street through the shitty cold rainy grey fog to the independent bookstore right next to Peet's Coffee. (Damn, how's that for a memory – I left in 2000!?) This all happened in either early 1999 or 2000, although I think it was 2000, and if you are Harry Potter fans, you know that Book 4 wasn't out yet. If you look at the pics of Browser Books, the second one shows the interior and if you walk straight back on the right that's the Children's/Young Adult section. That's where I went and found their dry-erase board informing me that I was on a fool's errand that Book 4 wasn't coming out until July, but in the meantime, try these books. ARGH!!!

This wasn't going to be a tour of my part of San Francisco, but my google search turned up all those great links and reminded me of my favorite lift gift shop, Aumakua. It was run by two gay guys and they had fabulous jewelry in there. It's good to see that it's still there. It looks like the bead shop finally closed. The woman who ran it was the most incredible bitch EVER! I had my run-in with her – I'm not sure she actually cared if she ever sell a single bead – and then whenever I would run into anyone who beaded, they would also have a story about what a complete and utter bitch she was. She never got repeat business (and she was massively overpriced), so it's not surprising she's gone, although I was always amazed she lasted as long as she did. I figured her father must have bought the building back in the 30s when it was dirt cheap and she was independently wealthy from living off the astronomical rents of whoever else was in the building.

Anyway, back to the Lemony Snicket movie. The movie itself was fine as I noted above, but then I hit the Special Features. I am a sucker for deleted scenes, bloopers, etc., but lately I've been watching the movie over again (some) with the Commentary. The DVD gave me two choices (or more, perhaps) and I chose the option of director and author, Brad Silberling and Lemony Snicket, respectively. If you've never read any of the books or know nothing about them, you might be best served to go here where you can read the first page of the first book to get an idea of the sense of humor involved here. Or to Lemony Snicket's own website. The commentary had me laughing outright as the director informed the author that he had turned the first three books into a short and that he had made a happy ending. And Mr. Snicket saying, "Oh thank God, I can't imagine why anyone would want to see such a depressing film." I think I've just been in the mood to be amused these days because it struck me as hilarious. Mr. Snicket would comment on he couldn't understand why any good actor would want to be in his horrible film, etc. Very funny stuff.

Way back in the first week of this lovely Spring month, I had the pleasure of going to see Les Miserables downtown with my Mom. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Of course, my mother has huge time issues. Normally she's late for everything, but I have, on occasion, put the fear of God into her enough that she gets to my house early. And sure enough, I had said I wanted to head downtown around 7:15, thinking if she was late we still had time to get down to the Fisher Theater, and she showed up at my house at 6:30. The woman simply has no concept of time. I, obviously, wasn't ready as I know how long it takes me to get ready and to get somewhere, so she stood there and watched me put my make-up on – a fact she noted to my Grandma in a snotty way a few days later. "She took the whole 45 minutes to put on her make-up. You'd think she was old." Or something like that. For the record, we were in the car by 7:00, and that included putting on shoes and make-up and finding a jacket.

I made the find of the century though! Since we got downtown early we had a chance to wander around the Fisher Building. I wanted to go to the "City's Best Yarn Store" (read City's ONLY), say something disparaging and then walk immediately out, but I got sidetracked by this where I bought one of these. Oh, did I ever have to have it!!! It being the red medium tote. I also bought myself this t-shirt. In addition, to my successful shopping, I fell in love with Les Mis all over again (I hadn't seen it since the first time it came to Detroit back in 1989) and wanted to see it a second time before it left, but that didn't work out as I got bronchitis. Damn my lungs!!!

That weekend before Easter was just busy. Les Mis was Thursday. Friday was the DSO with Martha and we had dinner at the Detroit Beer Company. It has an amazing menu in that I'm not restricted to the usual one vegetarian item. Next time I go there, though, I hope there isn't a hockey game, the DSO, the theatre and some big religious revival happening at Ford Field. It was crazy downtown that night! Saturday night was my good friend Pamela's b-day, so I met up with her and a bunch of her much cooler/hipper friends than me at Union Street. I don't think I've ever eaten there when someone didn't get the dragon's eggs (except the time I went with Mom, but that doesn't count). They have the world's best fries, for the record, and totally worth $3 for a large bowl. I had the portobello mushroom sandwich and it was quite yummy, if not exactly what I wanted (they took the Portobello Stack off the menu some years ago and that's just a damn shame as it was utterly yummy. It was two Portobello mushrooms marinated and grilled with garlic mashed potatoes and provolone cheese smushed between the two mushrooms. And then some sort of sauce. Oh, do I miss it!

Then Sunday which was Palm Sunday I had to go to the BAB's church because my 8 year old niece had made up her mind to be baptised and she invited Mom and me (YS being out of state couldn't make it, although I'm certain she was invited). I have a tendency to get a little hostile when I'm near a bunch of Born Agains but I behaved myself and didn't spit nails when the pastor made a veiled reference to Catholics and how we do things wrong. After the service I went to Switched On CDs and picked up a bunch of used CDs and DVDs. I got two Eddie Izzards for $8 each! Dressed to Kill and Definite Article. It was a most successful visit to my favorite CD store!

After that it was off to my cousin's bridal shower. I love my cousins, but dear God! The bloody shower started at 2:00 p.m. and we didn't leave until 6:00 p.m. The food was wonderful. My one cousin made all the food herself and since she's a vege, too, I could everything but the crab/cream cheese/cocktail sauce dish. I was STUFFED when we finally left. My personal preference for showers is no bloody games. I don't know anybody who likes the games, but they're always included. A perfect shower (other than me not being invited) would be eat, drink, be merry, bride to be opens gifts as quickly as possible. Boom, you're done!!! Still, I had a good solid hours spent with my extended family and that's actually a good thing. It just happened that that particular Sunday was the first race of the Champ Car season and the race was on at 4:00 p.m. Thank God for VCRs as that's what I had to do. For the record, I still think the first corner accident was all PFT's fault. Bastard! Took out my Oriol, Bruno the whiner, and A.J. with his stupid ass banzai move to pass four cars and win the race in the first corner. Classic PFT move. Jackass. ;-) Now before all of my racing friends (Smed, Woof and Ursa) blow a gasket, I know I'm the only one who thinks it was Paul's fault, and it's probably directly related to the fact that I have disliked PFT since 1992, but I still think that he was to blame.

And on that note, I think I'll sign off for now. I want to tell you all about the Zoo, but I'm waiting for my co-worker to send me the pics she took.


At Tuesday, 25 April, 2006, Anonymous Urs said...

Eeeeeeeeee! I love Eddie Izzard! We need to have an Eddie Izzard viewing party. I'll bring the beer. And, by the way, remember in grade school when boys used to hit you if they liked you? Yeah? Well, that's you and P(F)T. You know all your seemingly snide and hateful comments are thinly-veiled attempts to hide YOUR LOVE for him! It's okay, Kat... go with it. Come to the dark side.

At Tuesday, 25 April, 2006, Blogger Dave said...

Wow. I'm exhausted just reading about your adventures!
Gotta tell you, I'm loving that seat belt baby bag! But yikes...that's a good hunk of change. It it tacky to use grocery bags for baby things? lol

At Tuesday, 25 April, 2006, Blogger MJW said...

Kathleen: "Now, most of you know that I am NOT a fan of Jim Carrey, but after reading the books I realised that he was probably perfect as the evil Count Olaf, and I have to admit that he was."

Welfl: Now, most of you have no idea that I am not a fan of Jim Carry, but, after seeing "Dumb and Dumber," I realized that he is perfect as Lloyd Christmas. ;-)

At Wednesday, 26 April, 2006, Blogger Kathleen said...

Urs - You know you're welcome to come upstairs and watch movies/Eddie Izzard with me anytime!

Dave - I was exhausted too! And trust me, the bag is indestructible! I'd go for it, if I were you! ;-)

Welfl - GIVE IT UP!!!

At Wednesday, 26 April, 2006, Blogger MJW said...

Meany! ;-p

At Wednesday, 26 April, 2006, Blogger Jason said...

I'm definitely not a fan of Jim Carrey, but we was perfect in "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". Maybe everybody is allowed to like him in one movie.


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