Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Do your part to protect the seals

And if you care about the plight of the seals (there will be a huge hunt in Canada in March where the seals will be skinned alive just so someone can wear a fur coat), please go here and sign the pledge.


At Thursday, 23 February, 2006, Anonymous Urs said...

Actually, when all was said and done... I burnt the brownies. I am SO not a cook.

At Thursday, 23 February, 2006, Blogger Scott said...

One of my blog buddies, Beth, or the Gardening Knitter, also posted about seals a couple entries ago. I think its wonderful that you care so much. I also read the post about the zoo. I can't believe people can play politics about with the lives of all those animals. Keep fighting Kat!


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