Tuesday, February 14, 2006

You Don't Believe In Love No More*

Just one (I'm sure) of the Feel Good stories of the Olympics. You are my new hero, Joey Cheek.

More Olympics stuff follows…

My friend HRH called me yesterday to give me some Champ Car news (Katherine Legge will be in a PKV Champ car this year) and we ended up talking about a variety of things, including curling. I was watching the U.S./Finland Men's Match (well, I had been watching a movie, but couldn't very well do that while on the phone) and I have to say that the Finnish skip's last name was impressive – Uusipaavalniemi. I think it's much easier to pronounce than you'd think too.

Back to HRH, she sucked me into watching two shows I hadn't planned on watching: 1st Skating with Celebrities and the Olympics for Pairs Skating. She said that watching Bruce Jenner skating was too good to miss. Why, oh why did he get a facelift? He looked like Joan Rivers the skin on his face was so taut. In fact, I would say he's had more than one (and if it was only one, he should be suing the pants off that surgeon). It was painful watching him skate he was so stiff. Apparently he's improved a thousandfold since the first week. I have to say that he handled his loss very well and that he's a very gracious man.

I didn't want to watch the Pairs Finals as I know too well that NBC wouldn't show the interesting stuff until about 10:45 and there was no way in hell I was staying up that late just to see some poor Chinese skater hitting the deck. Thank God for the CBC. HRH had told me that earlier in the day the CBC had shown the Pairs Finals live and to watch for the Chinese couple where the guy threw his partner so hard that she fell. I watched two Chinese couples and saw no botched throws and it was way past my bedtime. I called HRH and she said, Nope, one more Chinese couple and they go on last. Bloody hell!!! I just wanted to go to bed!!! I have to say that it was worth staying up for, not to see her fall which was hideous, but to see them finish their routine. Oh yeah, her fall came 38 seconds into the program! The announcers said she fell on her knee and that's what they wrapped when they came off the ice after the full program, but I have to say that it looked a helluva lot more painful than just her knee. I swear she hit the ice in a full splits and I would bet money that her groin is causing her tremendous problems today and if she can walk at all I'd be surprised. Poor 90 lber! I would say that adrenaline got her through the rest of the program. And I would say that she would say it was worth it as they ended up with the Silver. I was rooting for the Chinese couple that came in 3rd and although I have issues with giving a medal to a team/person who fell (think Oksana Baiul getting the gold over Nancy Kerrigan even though Oksana fell flat on her butt – and trust me, I was not a Nancy Kerrigan fan), I'd have to say in this case that it's hard to argue against as the rest of their program was very difficult and darn near flawless. I have to say though that I'm not very fond of the new judging system and you don't see who gave what score. So, how do we know that the French judge isn't selling her vote yet again? Fair question? Probably not, but it's just makes me wonder.

More curling today!!! Check out CNBC, people! It's fun!

*Sorry about the grammar, but thems is someone's else's words.


At Tuesday, 14 February, 2006, Anonymous Smed said...

I think I got Liz sucked into the curling. And I did love that last name of the Finnish skip.

my Tivo is going to explode, I fear, with the curling, biathlon and hockey.

At Wednesday, 15 February, 2006, Blogger Beth said...

Oh boy, I just had to speak up and say I so agree on the Bruce Jenner facelift. I'm missing men and women just growing old in the Hollywood world.

At Wednesday, 15 February, 2006, Blogger Kathleen said...

Smed - Good job on getting Liz interested in Curling. Come to Detroit, we have a curling club here and we're going in a month or so.

Beth - I thought I was just being mean, so I'm glad you saw it too.

At Wednesday, 15 February, 2006, Anonymous Clarity said...

I've been watching so much olympics lately since I've been home sick and restricted to the sofa in front of the T.V. It's so addicting and fun to watch!!

At Wednesday, 15 February, 2006, Blogger mr. schprock said...

I watched some of the Olympics last night: figure skating, alpine skiing and speed skating. Good stuff.


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